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SiGMA Group founder Eman Pulis said that SIGMA 2020 was supposed to be held this November, and the show was sold out. The group was highly excited for this version to happen. However, due to COVID-19, they have decided to postpone the show for another three months. He is looking forward to the new date and is looking forward to welcoming everyone with open arms.

SiGMA Group’s priorities are the health and well-being of its guests, speakers, exhibitors, and employees. Therefore, they have decided to move the event to 2021 in line with the upcoming opening ceremony across Asia and America. The much-anticipated digital tour of SiGMA in the emerging LatAm market will run from September 22-24. It will also explore the growing Med Tech and Med Can help industries and the upcoming summit in October.

SiGMA Malta now takes place alongside SiGMA Asia, SiGMA America, and SiGMA Europe in November 2021. The MFCC has confirmed that this will open the door for the Ta’qali industry, including the venue. MGA, Malta is the premier location in Europe for iGaming. It maintains its reputation as an iGaming hub and gives gaming companies the undisputed advantage of establishing a base in the jurisdiction of this pioneering thinking.

SiGMA Malta 2021

SiGMA is the fifth game and emerging tech events organization that develops personalized interactions and networking in an art form and features cutting-edge content. SiGMA is the latest gaming news notch and dynamic media arm to find the ideal match by providing a premier online content network for knowledge sharing, advertising, entertainment, and news. It is learned that the seventh edition of SiGMA Europe will be held in Malta MFCC between 16 and 18 of 2021. SiGMA is being owned for the sixth year in a row. It happens every year in the order in which it occurs. This year promises to be no different. The SiGMA event runs for three days, from November 2nd to 29th, at the MFCC in Malta. 

It is rapidly establishing itself as one of the world’s leading iGaming events. Being an international gaming hub, Malta is an ideal location for Sigma. This year the event will have more than 12,500 attendees. It will also represent at least 2,500 collaborators, 400 great custom-built stands, 200 speakers, and more than 80 countries. Also present as speakers will be experts in the gaming industry and some of the latest industry challenges included in SiGMA, key innovations, trends, and the latest technologies businesses should invest in.

The 2021 SiGMA show has been moved after the release of new official arrangements for the Malta entertainment scene. The event, held in April, was back at the end of the year due to the country’s Covid-19. The event is the seventh edition of SiGMA Europe at the Malta Fair and Conference Center. Emerging trends, hobbies, and technology are the three main topics featured in the November event. A statement on SiGMA’s website states that Europe has become a leading market for gaming, making it the perfect opening gaming show for 2021 and Asia in May 2022, and the US Open in September.

SiGMA Postponed by Two Months

SiGMA Group has postponed the upcoming iGaming Conference in Malta for another two months and decided to hold it from 13 to April 15th, 2021. The latest suspension is planned for the original Sigma Europe in mid-November 2020. The conference was delayed for three months, from 16 to February 18th, due to the global COVID-19 epidemic.

According to an update sent to conference participants, the decision to suspend for just two months follows this week’s news that UK authorities have approved a vaccine for use that will be available to its citizens from next week. SiGMA Group reported that the UK delegation is one of the largest groups to participate in the Malta event.

SiGMA Group founder Eman Pulis said the initial release of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine gave them hope that the conference would return to normal within the next four months. Their recent Virtual Expo was a huge success, but they hoped that they would continue to build these relationships personally, with the set to be an inspiring year. The SiGMA Group states that they are still planning to move on to SiGMA Asia in Maine from 27 to May 28th, 2021, and to SiGMA Americas in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 13 and 14 September 2021.

History of SiGMA

When the first SiGMA event was held, it attracted 1500 visitors. The event was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in St. Julian’s, Malta. The event focuses on both B2B networking and showcasing opportunities and approved marketing trends under the iGaming sector. The Hon. Jose Herrera and Hon. Chris Cardona stood on the center stage with his inaugural speech at the conferences. Also, Joseph Cuschieri (now Malta Financier presented details of Malta Lottery and Gaming)

The hopes and expectations of the authorities for the coming months and years. More than double the size of the CGMA, this first successful event has invited more than 3,000 delegates to the bi-conference in November 2015 at the Intercontinental Bay Arena. It has also cemented Malta as the largest iGaming show. In 2014, the event attracted 1,500 spectators at the Intercontinental Hotel in St. Julian, Malta. The event focuses on both B2B networking and showcasing opportunities and approved marketing trends under the iGaming sector.

Jose Herrera and Hon. Chris Cardona took the stage with his inaugural address at the conferences. Joseph Cushieri (currently CEO of the Malta Financial Services Authority), gave a detailed presentation on the Malta Lottery and Gaming Authority’s hopes and expectations for the coming months and years. Following this successful first event, SiGMA has invited more than three thousand delegates, more than double the size of the SiGMA, to the bi-conference in November 2015 at the Intercontinental Bay Arena and cemented itself as Malta’s largest iGaming show.

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