Betable Limited – One of The Popular iGaming Software Company in UK.

Betable is one of the world’s highest-earning industries in gambling and betting. It provides the only complete stack platform for creating, distributing, and serving gambling entertainment. Its platform consists of 3 pillars: Wallet, Reach, and Engine. Betable Wallet is a universal identity, payment, and loyalty ID. This wallet is usable throughout the Battle Ecosystem.

It gives players access to the best gambling games, including exclusive and mobile-first content. It allows understanding the behavior of the betable player. This allows players to provide the best possible personalized experience. Betable engine developers do not accept their own licenses or consent. It gives a single toolkit for creating, certifying, and launching real money games. If you want to know more about Betable, Read this article carefully.

What is Betable?

Betable is a London-based gaming company. It develops and markets a real-money gambling platform for the social gaming industry. This gaming company is licensed by the U.K. Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. It is also certified by a third-party testing house. The company has raised $ 23 million in investment funds from Venture51, Greylock Partners, and Founders Fund. Its platform consists of Wallet, Reach, and Engine.

Company Information

Name Betable
Founded 2008
Category Apps, Gambling, Real-Money Gaming, Gambling & Gaming, Software, Mobile Games, Recreation, Social Games, Hospitality, Gaming, Online Games
Funding $18.50 Million
Revenue $8.8 million
Founder Christopher Griffin
Headquarters London, United Kingdom


Products and services

Third-party game developers apply real-money gambling functionality to their mobile games using the Betable API. Standard Games can transform real-money gambling titles and create unconventional types of gambling games managed at the top of the betting platform. Since being installed, Betable has served as a turnkey gaming engine. This engine handles all real-money work in all games like identity verification, anti-fraud safeguards, regulatory compliance, transactions, audits, and gambling mechanics.

The platform serves as an alternative to banner advertising or freemium models by enabling developers to earn earnings-generating betting features in their games. Betable has gambling permission from the U.K. Gambling Commission. So it allows gambling on behalf of the other team. Developers can also bet on any game without applying for a license. The Betable platform is compatible with games on iOS and Android operating systems.


Christopher Griffin is the current CEO of Betable. He founded Betable in 2008. He is also involved in creating and placing betting opportunities on any significant, socially-oriented gambling sites in the first iteration of the service. In July 2010, the company raised 3 million in seed funding from a nuclear venture. Then in 2012, the company’s founder rejoined it. At the same time, he re-launched betable from a betting site to create a real money gambling platform. The betable API beta program was released in July 2012. It then allows game developers to integrate betable betting features.

About three months later, in October 2012, the company partnered with game developers Slingo, Digital Chocolate, and Murka Games to include bets on developers’ current offers. In November 20212, Mandala games became the first European game developer to use the Games Betting platform. It enables real-money play in the title of La Riviera slots. Just one year later, in November 2013, Betable raised funds for an $ 18.5 million series led by Venture51. In early 2015, the company launched a U.K. online gambling business with online casino games for mobile and the web. Their business is licensed and regulated by the U.K. Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.

Betable Raises $18.5 Million.

Betable announced a startup focused on monetizing the social gaming industry that it has raised $18.5 million to fund the enterprise. Many partners want to add real money to their titles with game development outfits. Betable provides an API for companies that want to integrate Betable’s game engine within the fabric of game mechanics. Most of the company’s businesses navigate and secure licensing agreements with the U.S. Gambling Commission and relevant authorities.

There has been a strong interest in the social gaming giant Zynga in the region until recently. Until the company’s new leader and CEO, Don Mattrick, decided to change Zynga’s strategy and focus on the core set of the company’s popular games, Zynga’s main push is left to real-money gaming in the United States. In the U.K., this is the true meaning of burning up good news. Then, the Betable Company leaves ample space to take place. Venture 51 led this round with the participation of existing investors. 

The Final Word 

Overall, Betable is a leading gaming company. The vision of this organization is to democratize the industry for those who are stuck in high barriers to entry and long-term reasons for change. Betable is the only complete stack platform provider in the world with three columns. The company has provided software for numerous real money games.