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Bill Benter – One of The Richest Gamblers

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Bill Benter is an professional gambler and philanthropist. He has acquired his resources by developing one of the most successful analysis computer software programs in the horse racing market. He once served as president of the Hong Kong Rotary Club. Bill Benter also founded the Benter Foundation. He is also the Chairman and International CEO of Acusis LLC, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Benter also occasionally lectured at universities on topics such as statistics and mathematical probability. Benter is a philanthropist who donates to charities in Hong Kong and the United States. However, there is a lot of focus on his politics. He spends his earned money on donations to various organizations. He currently spends time lecturing at the university as well as doing political work.

Early Life 

Benter was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As he grew older, he wanted to use his mathematical talents to his advantage. But after finishing his university physics degree in 1977, he went to the Blackjack table in Las Vegas. He used his skills to go there and count the cards.

He got the book ‘Beat the Dealer, written by Edward O. Thorp, which helped improve his methods. Seven years later, Benter was banned from the Vegas Strip casino. He later met Alan Woods, whose horse racing skills had his own complement to computers. The two became racing partners and moved to Hong Kong in 1984. They started with just $ 150,000 depending on their math skills, and this pair made their winning pick formula.

William Benter uses his statistical model. He identified some reasons for successfully moving towards the Red Forecast. He sees that some came out as more important than others. Benter served as an inspection professor at Southampton Management School as part of the Center for Risk Research and as an associate of the Royal Statistical Society. Later in 2007, he founded the Benter Foundation.

Personal Life

Bill Benter was born in 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. In March 2012, Benter married Vivian Fung, the national of Hong Kong, in a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony. Their first child, Henry, was born in 2015 after three years of marriage. 

Benter is currently living in Hong Kong. He has become known to everyone for Philanthropy in his life. Benter has given big grants to various organizations and universities. He started earning money from a young age which is one of the main reasons for his fame.

Bill Benter is also one of the wealthiest gamblers. He began his life with a degree in physics which later led to software development. Benter created computer software used to analyze horse racing data. Through this, he made about 1 1 billion. The money they earned he donated to various donors.


Benter has made a significant contribution through donations to charities and political parties. Benter and Acusis were also listed as donors to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2006. Later in 2010, he donated to the Rabbis, an Israel-based organization, for the Advantage Trust Human Rights. Atlantic said at the time that it had raised at least $ 800,000 in support of J Street.

He did not change his habit of donating, and in 2012 he donated one million dollars to the University of Pittsburgh. In 2013, Fox News reported that when he was nominated to be President Obama’s next Secretary of Defense, he paid thousands of dollars for pro-Hagel advertising in Politico. In 2016, he raised $ 100,000 for a New Voice for Maryland supporter of Joe-Rubin for the Democratic nomination in Maryland’s 8th Congressional District.

Successful sports bettor

Benter is one of the victorious horse painters of all time. He is reported to have taken home $ 37,000,000 a year through the Computer Horse Punter program. In this software, each horse is rated with 120 different deterrent factors. The appropriate amount for the bet is calculated by estimating the winning chances. Of course, there is a certain amount of bet. But too big a bet can throw off enough adversity, which will throw away potential profits.

Bill Benter first earned a physics degree from a university. He then became a professional gambler for 25 years or more. Benter began his gambling career by playing Blackjack in Las Vegas for seven years before the casino was banned. He later teamed up with associate card counter Alan Woods, and the two became horse racing painters in Hong Kong, China. He is known to many as the most successful athlete in the world.

Bill Benter’s Carrier

Bill Benter was skilled in mathematics which he wanted to use for profit. He chose Las Vegas as the best place to test his skills and memorized every detail in Thorpe’s book. He started his gambling career by holding blackjack tables. The winning players gain the top edge of the house by counting the cards. This involves tracking the ratio of high and low cards coming out of the deck. With a high percentage of high-quality cards like 10 and Aces, it is possible to achieve an edge by playing the optimal strategy. 

Benter spent seven years in Vegas and won enough money before the casino was banned. He was able to conquer roulette by creating a system. This program he created and enabled at home. 

Benter met with Alan Woods, a blackjack professional. Although he studied as an actuator, he was an all-around jeweler and a horse racing specialist. They both joined the army in 1984. They then decided to turn their success on the race tracks in Hong Kong to the end of the series. 

Hong Kong is one of the largest horse racing markets in the world. They do a lot of casual punting towards luck without thinking about long-term victory. They worked with third member Wally Commons on horseback arrangements. Their efforts took some time before they were rewarded and delivered $150,000 in bankroll in two years. After giving a few cash injections, they were able to work on their system and gain a profit of $100,000 in the third year.


Bill Benter goes solo

At first, Benter started with just 16 form factors to determine the outcome of a race. He creates databases from scratch by manually calculating many components. But over time, that is likely to increase. Benter’s model allows him to determine each runner’s ‘true adversity’ in the competition and only bet on overlays. He uses his tactics to bet on the substantial foreign pool in Hong Kong.

In 1987 Benter and his team won an incredible amount in Hong Kong. He currently lectures on mathematics and statistics at Harvard, Hong Kong, and Southampton. However, most of his time he devotes to philanthropic work through the Benter Foundation. He also has a substantial presence in politics and makes regular political donations.

The Centers split in 1987 after a dispute over money. Benter then vowed to continue the team on his own. The focus of Benter’s model was to determine the various aspects of racing and weigh them. For this, he used an instrument known as multinomial logit regression. He performs these tests to assess their significance as a result of a horse.

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