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Canada Online Casinos

Online Casinos for Canadian Gamblers

Canadians love games and are always looking for new Canadian gambling sites. Canadians, or “Canucks” possess an adventurous spirit and love to try their luck. Just like the famous gold rush in the 1800s, Canucks seek out top Canada online casinos.

Canadians also love sports and placing bets on sports like ice hockey. Some of the best Canadian gambling sites also offer great sports betting. This combines the best of both worlds and Canucks can play online slots or make sports bets. There are plenty of great Canadian casino sites on the web to choose from. The main thing is to be careful in choosing Canada online casinos, especially newer ones. As long as you follow a good system, finding good Canadian gambling sites is easy.

Canada Online Casinos table games

Why play at Canada online casinos

There are many pros to online casinos accepting players from Canada. Canada is a huge market and online casinos know this. This is why you shouldn’t have trouble playing at online casinos with Canadian dollars. Canada online casinos are also very safe because they are popular. Many top Canadian gambling sites also feature licensing through the Kahnawake Gambling Commission. This is one of the top regulators in the world. It is also legal for Canucks to gamble online. Provided the Canadian gambling sites are not in Canada.

Most Canada online casinos are international online casinos. These casinos offer services to many countries. Canadians can play at these online casinos with Canadian dollars. Spotting Canada online casinos are of course very easy. You will usually see the red maple leaf on the casinos’ homepage. This tells you that it is one of the online casinos accepting players from Canada.

Finding the best Canada online casinos

Finding top Canadian gambling sites is easy. This is because Canada online casinos are among the most popular on the net. Canadian players have huge online buying power which casinos notice. This means that Canadians can play online casinos with Canadian dollars. They can also play in other currencies like US dollars if they prefer.

The process of finding Canada online casinos is very simple. The first step is to open your preferred internet browser. Search for top Canada online casinos to bring up online casinos with the most potential. It is a good idea to use a checklist when searching for top Canadian gambling sites. This will help you to eliminate unsuitable Canadian gambling sites. You should end up with a good selection of Canada online casinos to play at.

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Features to look for in Canadian gambling sites:

  • Banking in CAD
  • World-class licensing
  • Games from top providers
  • SSL security certificates
  • 24 hour support
  • Bonuses in CAD
  • Fast payouts
  • VIP rewards

Not all online casinos accepting players from Canada will offer play in CAD. Some Canadian gambling sites offer euros or US dollars. It is important to bear this in mind when selecting Canada gambling sites.

Best games at Canada online casinos

Canadians love all types of casino games. This includes table games like roulette and card games like poker and blackjack. Most Canucks love online slots more than any other casino game. This is because online slots are fun and are super easy to play.

The best Canadian gambling sites carry a wide range of slots. There are all sorts of online slots to choose from on Canadian gambling sites. Some Canadians prefer to play classic slots. These usually consist of just 3 reels and a single pay line. Classic slots are based on the original slot machines.

Other Canadians prefer playing modern 5 reel video slots. Video slots often feature exciting pop culture themes. Some 5 reel video slots also feature 3D animation. You can find great 5 reel video slots at Canada online casinos. Another favorite with most Canadians is the progressive jackpot slots. These slots feature 5 reels although there are some 3 reel games too. These are the biggest jackpots available at Canadian gambling sites.

Canada Online Casinos game

Signing up with Canada online casinos

Signing up with Canadian gambling sites is simple. Pick one of the Canadian gambling sites from your shortlist. The next step is to visit the casinos’ website. Once on their homepage screen click on their sign up button. You can also click on any of the promotional banners.

Canada online casinos make registering a new account effortless. Simply fill in your information in the easy to read registration page. The sign-up sheet will contain a number of spaces for basic information. This will include your name and address as well as your date of birth. You will also need to add your mobile number. Remember to use the specific code for Canada.

You will also need to supply your email address. This is vital as the casino will use this address to complete your sign-up. Log in to your email address, find the link and click on it. Following the link will complete your Canada online casinos sign-up. Remember to read the rules before you complete your registration. Canadian gambling sites have a list of terms and conditions or house rules. Once you have read these you will need to confirm this to cover both you and the casino.

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