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Charles Barkley – A Story of Gambling Addicted Celebrity


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Charles Wade Barkley is an American former professional basketball player. Barkley has established himself as one of the all-powerful national basketball players of all time. He was also quite popular in the media and his latest in the league. He often sparked a national controversy by engaging in off-court fights. Barkley tried to spit on a young girl in March 1991. He had a successful career as an NBA analyst after retiring as a player. In addition to basketball, Barkley has written several books and shown interest in politics. In addition to playing basketball at Berkeley, he is a compulsive gambler. He almost lost a lot of cash in gambling.

Barkley is currently one of the hosts of the NCA Inside television show. He is known to many as one of the most influential players in the National Basketball Association. He played basketball professionally for 16 years. Get interested in basketball from a young age at Berkeley. Although he played the game through high school, he did not gain any significant interest from college scouts to state high school semifinals. Eventually, his actions led him to be hired by Auburn University. Barkley played three seasons of college football, and in 1993, he was voted the most valuable player of the NBA season. As part of the national team, he won two and a gold medal at the American Championships. He retired from basketball in 2000.

Barkley proved himself to be the best basketball player of all time on the National Basketball Association. The NBA also ranked him as one of the top fifty players of all time. However, even after winning this award, his desire to play for the championship team has not diminished. Barkley often made news about his verbal and physical arousal. After retiring, he became an analyst for TNT’s Indie NBA. There was a willingness to criticize for seeing his intelligence and liveliness.

Early life

He was born and raised at the All-White City Hospital in Leeds, Alabama, 10 miles from Birmingham in Barkley. He was the first black child, and he was in the first group of black students in his primary school. Her father left the family and got married. Then his mother Get remarried, and they had a son. One of Barkley’s brothers died in infancy. When he is 11 years old, his stepfather died in an accident. 

Charles Barkley is the son of Charley Glenn and Frank Barkley. He has two more brothers, and as a child, he was deeply influenced by those around him. Like other young men, he developed an interest in basketball from an early age. Soon, he began to show the potential of basketball. Barkley weighed just six pounds at birth. Charles also suffered from anemia and needed a complete blood transfusion at six weeks. He raises by her mother and grandmother as a result of her parent’s divorce. After that, he decided he would make a lot of money playing in the NBA.

He attended Leeds High School, but he found no place on the varsity team as a junior. Berkeley is 5 feet 10inch tall and weighs 220 pounds. As a result, he failed to form a varsity team and was named as a reserve. Berkeley rises to 6 feet 4 during the summer. He then earned first place in varsity as a senior. He then averaged 19.1 points and 17.9 rebounds per game. As a senior, he has led his team to the state semifinals. Despite considerable improvement, he occasionally failed to attract the attention of scouts. But that changed after the state high school semifinals.

Personal Life

Barkely married Maureen Blumhardt in 1989. She was a former model and is currently involves with the Fresh Start Women’s Foundation. They met in a restaurant in Pennsylvania in 1980 before their wedding. In 1989 their daughter Christina Barkley was born. Christina holds a degree in journalism from Columbia Journalism School in New York. However, she has kept a low profile all her life.

He came from a poor background in Berkeley but later lived a luxurious life. He put all his efforts into basketball, which is why he deserves this luxury. His salary in the basketball profession was $40 million. He also supported Nike. As a studio analyst, he earns $6 million a year from TNT at Berkeley. He is a compulsive gambler, which is why he has admitted to losing $10-30 million dollars in his life. Berkeley commented on social media and said in an interview, “Social media are for losers.” A clip from the interview reveals his views on social media. There are countless fan accounts in his name that prove that Berkeley is too excellent for social media!

Barkley was once associated with the Republican Party. In 1999, he considered running for governor of Alabama. Later in 2016, he expressed his desire to run for governor of Alabama once again. He also backed Barack Obama to become president in 2007. In 2008, he announced that he would run for president in 2014. Barkley supports gay rights and criticizes US President Donald Trump. He spent three days in prison in December 2008 after failing a sobriety test. He later enrolled in an alcohol treatment program. After the collapse of COVID 19 in March 2020, Barkley was tested negative for the virus.

Professional basketball Career

Philadelphia NBA drafted Barkley in 1984. His incredible jumping ability and extraordinary strength made him one of the game’s elite rebounders. He joined a team where his veterans took him to the 1983 NBA Championships. In his first year, he averaged 14.0 points per game. Barkley played eight seasons of basketball with Philadelphia. He gained a lot of fame by playing basketball.

Barkley was also one of the few NBA players to get an action figure produced by Kenner’s starting lineup. He traded to Phoenix Suns in 1992-93 and helped Phoenix with his NBA best record in his first season. Barkley is the first NBA finalist since 1976 and has won the league’s Most Valuable Player award. He is the only third player to win a prize immediately after being traded. Even after taking the team to the NBA Finals, their team, unfortunately, lost to the Chicago Bulls. His first season was the highlight of Barkley with the Phoenix Sun. In 1996, Barkley traded the Houston Rockets.

Gambling History

Barkley is known as a compulsive gambler. He made about 10 million in losses through gambling. He also lost $ 2.5 million in “six hours” while playing Blackjack. Barkley asserted that he had obtained his confession through torture. Barkley doesn’t think gambling is a problem.

He added that he gambled for a lot of money and that it was not a problem for him to continue. Despite suffering heavy losses, Barkley has claimed victory in many events. He won $ 700,000 by betting on a trip to Las Vegas. He loses the bet most of the time, and it’s fun and exciting for him. In May 2008, Win filed a civil lawsuit against Las Vegas Casino Barkley. He was accused of failing to repay a $40,000 loan since October 2007.

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