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When we are talking about online gambling and banking, Cheque is certainly not one of the major payment methods that we will think of. However, many gamblers out there do still use this somewhat outdated method of payment for various reasons.

Cheques provide an extra layer of anonymity in the fact that no banking data needs to be shared with the casino, which is much appreciated by many online players. However, at the same time, Cheques do not offer the encryption and safety of many of the online-based payment processors and e-wallets that are so popular among the modern generation of gamblers.

How Do I Gamble Online With Cheques?

A cheque is one of the most traditional payment methods out there and has been in use for decades. In order to make cheque deposits, you will need to physically go down to your bank, write out a cheque, make a deposit and then wait for it to clear. This can take an extraordinary amount of time in online gambling terms as most other payment methods will clear instantly and cheques can take up to 10 days to clear.

This makes cheque one of the slowest deposit methods out there and one avoided by many players. However, whether you like it or not, sometimes cheque is all you have left. Many online casinos have tightened the grip on many e-wallets and many players end up in a situation where they must make a deposit using a cheque.

Cheque bank

In such situations, it is good to know that there are two basic types of cheques you can write out to your casino. The classic cheque will get the money straight out of your personal bank account and transfer it over to the casino, while a bank order will have the bank send the cash and take it from your account at a later date. The bank order will usually process somewhat faster, which is why some players prefer this method.

When making a deposit using a cheque, you will need to get all the casino information from the cashier and use that information to fill out the cheque. On the other hand, when you request a withdrawal, you will need to physically receive the cheque via mail or courier, which will always cost a certain fee and may take up to 10 days to receive.

Are Cheques A Safe Banking Method?

Cheques are a very old fashioned payment method and for this reason, they lack many of the modern-day protections that are used by other payment methods. For starters, cheques can be physically stolen and altered, which is never a good thing. Furthermore, cheques lack the modern encryptions and protection systems the likes of PayPal or Skrill use to ensued safety of funds.

While cheques to provide a certain degree of privacy and anonymity, there are certainly many better payment methods out there for most players. If after all you are forced to write out a cheque, make sure you are at least working with a well-licensed casino and always request your withdrawals via courier so as not to get your cheque lost in the mail.

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