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Depositing money on casino using credit cards

When it comes to making deposits and withdrawals from online casinos, credit cards are easily the most utilized banking method. The ease with which credit cards can be used to make transactions, their safety and complete trustworthiness make them the number one choice for the vast number of gamblers, especially in the western world.

Pretty much everyone who lives in Western Europe has one or many credit or debit cards nowadays and they are by far the simplest method of payment in the online universe. Credit cards provide you with many layers of protection and can hardly be hacked into if you keep safe. They also allow users to deposit money they don’t actually have in their account at the moment, which means you can gamble even before your paycheck arrives if you so wish.

How To Deposit And Withdraw Using Credit Cards

Credit cards are likely the simplest method of online banking. If you have a major credit card such as Visa or MasterCard, pretty much every online gambling institution will allow you to use the card to make deposits. Other credit cards such as American Express or Maestro are accepted as deposit methods in some casinos but not in others.

Making deposits using a credit card is as simple as picking your card from the list of deposit methods, entering the amount you wish to deposit and then filling out the credit card number, expiry date, holder’s name and CVV fields. Once you have entered all the correct information, the deposit will be processed instantly and you can proceed to play your favorite games with no delay.

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When it comes to withdrawals, online gambling sites are a little pickier with credit cards. For the most part, you will only be able to withdraw into your credit card if your card is a Visa. MasterCard holders for instance cannot make withdrawals straight into their credit cards and neither can AmEx and other credit card owners.

If you are looking to play online using a credit card, your best bet is to find a bank who will give you a Visa or Visa Electron card as these cards are widely accepted by online casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites around the globe. Our recommendation is to have a separate Visa card you use only for gambling, so that even if your gambling card does become compromised, no other money can ever be touched.

Are Credit Cards Safe To Use Online?

Many online gamblers choose not to use their credit cards in the online world. Sharing your banking info with online companies can be scary and this is why so many people choose to use e-wallets, bitcoins and other payment methods.

Still, if you are playing with a reputable casino and make sure your computer is properly secured, you should have no major problems with using a credit card online. After all, we live in the 21st century and credit cards are used for pretty much everything, so why not online gambling as well?!

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