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Edward O. Thorp – A Legendary Professional Gambler

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Edward O. Thorp is a famous American mathematics professor. He is also known to many as a hedge fund manager and the book’s writer on card counting. Edward O. Thorp and Claude Shannon invented the primary wearable computer. In addition to innovative theory applications, he is the bestselling author of Beat Dealers to the New York Times.

He mathematically proved his first written book. He overcomes this by counting home benefit cards through Blackjack. Also, he played a leading role in quantitative investment strategies in financial markets. He is said to be living in Newport Beach, California. With a bankroll of $10,000, he employed his card counting strategy in both Thorpe Las Vegas and Reno. He won $11,000 in his first weekend of hiring. He constantly changed camouflage while working in casinos.

Personal Philosophy of Life 

The teachings of Edward O. Thorp laid the foundation for his successful life. More valuable to him is that he learns to teach himself at an early age. Mathematics itself taught itself to understand logic and numbers. He also believes that physical science led him to create models and theories to describe and predict.

Thorp’s whole life is spent sharing knowledge. This idea is found in his books “Beat Dealer” 2 and “Kill the Market” 3. He believed that he would always have new ideas, and he knew that others would discover the same. Thorp quotes his Greek philosopher Heraclitus as saying that character is destiny.

Strategies for a fulfilled life

According to Thorp, a full-fledged live lead must effectively address trade closures in health, resources, and time. He spends less time in the hospital thinking about every hour he spends on fitness. He once treated a lecturer at his university with disrespect and later got into trouble. 

After that experience, he used two questions as valuable guides. One is what do you want to be if you do it? And the other is what do you think would happen if you did it? He later realized that hurting someone’s self-esteem was “not absolute in human relationships.”

Managing a successful business

Edward O. Thorp used several strategies to manage his hedge fund partnership as a successful business. He recruited intelligent young people at his university who have not yet been recruited on their way through previous job experience. New employees were given a six-month contract to determine if they were suitable.

Thorp was happy to pay a better price than market compensation to retain the best employees in his organization. This is because he had the necessary time to recruit and train new hires. But he said he had had problems with big bureaucrats and companies. The problem is that many people believe that it is better not to overdo it than to stand on principles.

Edward O. Thorp Institutional career

Edward O. Thorp was born on August 14, 1932. He invented the world’s first wearable computer in 1961. As a result, he best known as the father of wearable computers. He is also a pioneer of modern applications of probability theory. In 1962 he wrote the first mathematically proven. He created the first wearable computer with Claude Shannon by developing and applying effective hedge fund strategies in financial markets.

This writing was done in 1958 in mathematics from Los Angeles, California. He worked in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from 1959 to 1961. He was a professor of mathematics at New Mexico State University from 1961 until 1965. Edward O. Thorp then joined the University of California, Irvine, and worked as a professor of mathematics until 1977. He was a Professor of Mathematics and Finance at the same institute from 1977 till 1982.

Computer-aided research in Blackjack

Edward O. Thorp used IBM 704 as a research tool to investigate the possibilities of winning the development of blackjack game theory. This tool was made based on Kelly’s criteria. He learned about it from a 1956 research paper published by Kelly. Edward learned Fortran for theoretical research on the possibility of conquering Blackjack.

He analyzed Blackjack’s game to a large extent. Thorp has been able to give players a significant edge in single-deck blackjack games through his research. In 1962, Thorpe decided to keep writing about his Blackjack research.

Applied research

Edward O. Thorp began his applied research using $10,000. A wealthy professional gambler and one-time illicit bookies provided the capital by connecting the crowd. They first went to the Reno and Lake Tahoe institutes for this study. Their experimental results proved successful. As a result, Edward O. Thorp won 11,000 in one weekend. He could have won more in his first step in Las Vegas. Edward had a remarkable ability to win without drawing the unwanted attention of casino security.

He was repeatedly expelled from various places from what he had visited that night. As a precaution against his approach, the casino changed well before finishing the deck. Edward O. Thorp used to play in disguise at a casino in Las Vegas using glasses and a false beard. He gathered a baccarat team as well as blackjack activities and won. And he instantly became famous among the Blackjack aficionados. He and his wife, Betty Shannon, took him to Las Vegas to play roulette and Blackjack as a weekend partner.

In 1966, he wrote the book ‘Beat the Dealer’, which was considered the original card counting manual. More than 700,000 copies of this book were sold. He did not make it to the New York Times Best Seller list for a particular title. Thorp met Claude Shannon, a professor of mathematics at MIT.

Stock market

Since the 1960s, Thorp Securities has discovered several exceptions to the pricing market. He has also used knowledge about its prospects and statistics in the stock market. At that time, he has achieved a significant fortune. His first hedge fund was Princeton / Newport Partners. Thorp is currently president of Edward & Thorpe & Associates, based in Newport Beach, California. In May 1998, Thorpe returned its investments at an annual rate of return of 20 percent for more than 28.5 years.

When Thorp conquered the gambling world, he didn’t even think about winning. He is one of the top professional gamblers without any effort. In 1967, he wrote the book ‘Beat the Market,’ which deals with making money in the stock market. It also details how he invested in the book’s undervalued stocks.

Blackjack Genius- Edward O. Thorp

Many gamblers leave their mark on the legendary casino gaming and fade over time. Their exploitation may enrich these legends, but they cannot gain fame in any other niche. But Edward O. Thorp’s ideal is an exception compared to others. He is the father of modern card counting. He is also a blackjack icon and investment guru.

 Thorp made a lot of money by betting on Berkshire Hathaway. He traveled around the live elementary school. Thorp earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California. After graduating, he began working at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It is what coincidentally woke up the MIT Blackjack team.

He became the first professor to work at Mexico State University. Then he listened to his colleagues and decided to test the gambling theory. He then began studying Blackjack using an IBM 704 computer. Eventually, he devised card counting and betting schemes that could defeat the game.

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