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King’s Casino owner has decided to file $24 million lawsuits against Facebook for promoting fake ads

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King’s Casino is one of the largest casinos in Europe, located in Rozvadov, Czech Republic. It is the largest poker room in all of Europe that hosts WSOP Europe every year. Its owner, Leon Tsoukernik, is a high-profile poker player. Kings Casino recently claimed that a rogue online casino used Kings Casino’s pictures and brand names to run false and misleading ads on Facebook.

The tagline of the best casinos in the Czech Republic is being used to promote fake ads. Seeing this, casino users are mistaken that they are signing up for a phony casino application at King’s Casino Online. This phony ads casino is offering a welcome bonus of $138 for registering an account.

Meanwhile, Kings Casino has claimed that they have contacted Facebook on multiple occasions to warn about fake advertisements. Even so, they did not get any response. For this reason King’s Casino owner Leon Tsoukernik has decided to use social media giant for $24 million over the fake advertising campaign.

The Claims

Leon Tsoukernik’s case was first published in a Czech newspaper that quickly spread around the world. The loss of Kings Casino’s brand and reputation was the main reason for the lawsuit. The owner of Kings Casino says he wanted to run an ad campaign on Facebook in 2019. Then Facebook is asked to provide casino license information and other documentation to approve advertising consistent with Facebook’s policy.

The Czech Republic to advertise makes it mandatory for Facebook to check online casino license approval before allowing all online casinos. Kings Casino claims that any rogue casinos can bypass these protocols and get permission to run a fake advertising campaign. He further claims that Facebook is helping miscreants with this fake advertisement and tarnishing the image and brand image of Kings Casino.

However, Facebook did not respond to Kings Casino after appearing at various events. So King Casino decided to take legal action against Facebook and sue for $24 million. Although Facebook has not yet released any statement regarding the case. So that, kings casino owner is blaming Facebook for this fake ads.

Constant Requests for Removal

The King Casino owner says Facebook has been asked several times to remove these false ads. Since King Casino does not operate any online casinos, they are not linked to the posts in any way. Tsoukernik said he contacted Facebook about the removal of the fake advertising agency.

Still, Facebook did not respond to their demands. So King Casino decided to sue them for damages. Tsoukernik said advertising in other media requires proof of licensing, trademarks of the logo, and additional information. He added that Facebook asked them for this information two years ago.

King Casino close due to the global epidemic COVID-19 and the fact that they can still return to work due to social distance. But their insect property is set to host WSOP Europe 2021 starting in November. As a result, many hope that King Casino will be operational once again soon.

Only licensed advertisements must be approved

Several internet portals, and official casino accounts on Twitter, recently reported that the FB did not respond to requests to remove illegal ads. Leon said that, when Kings Casino launched its Facebook ad two years ago, it was required to submit all trademark documents and licenses. So, how can scammers pass such checks without submitting trademark documents and licenses? Anyhow, if Facebook does not respond to this issue, Facebook will be held responsible for this fake advertisement.

This is not the first and only case of fake advertisements on Facebook, and it has happened various times before. Whatsoever, no one has ever tried to make Zuckerberg pay for it for phony advertising. Leon has a legal right to compensation for his losses. It is not clear whether he will be able to achieve the desired amount. One of the reasons for this is that the location of social networks is still unknown to everyone. It is mysterious at this time what he will do behind leaving the post.

Facebook non-responsive to the resort complaints

Kings Casino owner Tsoukernik said, they reached out to Facebook about removing the fake ad. But, they did not receive any response from anyone associated with the media giant. So they decided to file a lawsuit against Facebook in the regional court of the Czech Republic for their damages. He also said that it is necessary to submit the proof of approval of the company / individual enterprise, brand name/logo, and the additional data required to publish advertisement media.

Tsoukernik further added that every social media customer or business must be careful not to fall prey to bogus marketing claims. Because Facebook asks them to submit all legal documents before advertising, if those who are promoting fake advertisements have submitted any documents, then the Facebook authorities should have verified it.

If this was due to a mistake on the part of the Facebook authorities, they should have taken legal action against the company. But they did not respond, prompting the King Casino owner to file a $24m lawsuit against Facebook for the fake ads. If all the evidence is correct, then King Casino may claim the money from Facebook for the fine.

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