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Why is Neteller among the Top Payment Methods in the Betting Industry?

Since the online revolution, sports betting has started to rely on online payment methods more frequently, and many bettors prefer electronic payment systems over credit cards and wire transfers. When you register with an e-wallet, everything takes place online. You do not have to go to a bank or fill in needless paperwork; you just have to enter several pieces of information online.

Neteller has become one of the most favorite e-wallets and payment methods which is visible from the deposit options section on the bookmakers’ websites. Neteller is always listed. This only means that Neteller counts a lot of users worldwide. Some might be concerned and skeptic about electronic payment systems, but they are, in most cases, secure and reliable. Let us find out why Neteller attracts so many clients and why it is approved by the majority of online bookmakers.

Neteller Sporsbook payment options

Neteller General Info

Neteller was founded in Canada in 1999 at the very beginning of the online era. The Neteller company transferred its seat to the Isle of Man several years later, i.e. in 2004. Billions of dollars go over the table on an annual basis at Neteller. It is one of the largest money transfer companies which works independently. They have offices around the world including Cambridge in the UK, New York, USA, Quebec, Canada, Mauritius, etc.

Is Neteller Safe?

Considering that Neteller has been in business for more than a decade without major complaints and counts millions of users, it indicates that Neteller is trustworthy and professional. But besides a good reputation, you can also count on a strong supervisory force which makes sure that the Neteller team follows a transparent and fair policy in their business conduct.

The Neteller company is regulated and authorized by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is also known for excellent regulation of its subjects. The FCA license further fosters the trust of customers in Neteller. Neteller has to operate according to the highest industry standards, which it does.

Neteller Sporsbook transfer


Neteller is a very simple payment method enabling instant transactions. A Neteller account can be opened from the majority of countries in the world, and by now, it is present in 200 countries worldwide. There are also restricted countries where Neteller is unavailable which mostly include countries from Asia and Africa (e.g. Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, China, Libya, Cuba, etc.). You can count on strict privacy and security rules which are the top priorities of Neteller. Another advantage is that fees are very low with Neteller, and moreover, registering a Neteller account is free of charge.

Neteller Sporsbook info


When we see all the benefits and accessibility of Neteller, it is no surprise that bookmakers include it in their funding options so often. Neteller offers its services to all online businesses and their clients whereby all three parties can benefit. Bettors prefer Neteller because it is fast, safe, affordable, and reliable. Basically, Neteller offers everything an online payment system is supposed to. If you are not yet a user of Neteller, you can easily register an account to test one of the best e-wallets in the world.

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