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One of the Famous Female Gamblers- Victoria Coren Mitchell

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Victoria Coren Mitchell is probably one of the most famous female professional poker players. She is the first female winner of the event on the European Poker Tour. She made history by winning the EPT twice in 2014, winning nearly £ 400,000 in cash and a watch worth more than £ 4,000. Then in 2006 he again won about £ 1 million from two tournaments. Also, over the years, she has won nearly £ 1.9 million in prizes. Outside of poker, Victoria Coren-Mitchell is the most famous. She worked as a writer and presenter on a TV show, where she has been since 2006. 

It is one of the thought-provoking game shows on television. This show requires a lot of mental strength to get closer. Before the presentation, she was a columnist for the Daily Telegraph. There she would write regular features for the ‘Weekend’ section. She is also the host of the Radio 4 panel show Heresy. She was a guest during the Question & Answer session at the political discussion. Although she is not a professional poker player, she is a celebrated public figure Victoria Coren-Mitchell is one of the most versatile figures in the media. She shows a great talent for everything from making millions in poker to trivia-based quiz shows.

Poker Career

Coren Mitchell was not a professional gambler. However she won the first female European poker event. Also, she has won both a Television Professional Tournament and a Television Celebrity Tournament. She was also the first player at EPT London 2006 and EPT Sanremo 2014. In addition to playing poker, she often plays at the Victoria Casino on Edward Road in London. As a presenter, she worked for Channel 4 on Late Night Poker and The Poker Nations Cup.

She has also presented the World Poker Tour for ITV2. During her poker career, she became a close friend of The Hendon Mob. She then visited two casinos regularly with weekly home games. She never reached the series grand final. However, she appeared in five episodes of Late Night Poker. She won two grand finals by defeating Willie Thorne at the Spin of Celebrity Poker Club in Late Night Poker.

Coren-Mitchell was the guest dealer at the final table at the 2003 Hold-M100 tournament in London. On 24 September 2006, she won the main event of the European Poker Tour London, winning £500,000 prizes. In that event, he defeated Australian professional Emad Tahtouh. Then on November 20, 2010, she finished second at the International Federation of Poker the Table World Championships. Coren-Mitchell received $ 100,000 for winning this championship. She donated £10,000 to Edge UK from his winning money.

In April 2014, Coren-Mitchell won the main event of the European Poker Tour San Remo. She then became the first player to earn two EPTs, earning £476,100. In 2018, she won a total of £2,470,000 in live tournaments. She is a member of the boy team PokerStars Pro, but in November 2014 she announced that Poker Stars had withdrawn its support just hours after they launched an online casino. She said that weak people are in favor of any site operator. Coren Mitchell was inducted into the Women of Poker Hall of Fame in 2016.

Early life

Victoria Coren-Mitchell was born in Hammersmith, west London. She is the only daughter of journalist Alan Coren and his wife Anne Kasriel. Her father, Alan Coren, was raised in an orthodox Jewish family. Coren-Mitchell grew up in Cricklewood, north London, with her older brother, journalist Giles Coren. She attended St Paul’s Girls ‘School and an independent girls’ school between the ages of 5 and 16. She also studied English at St John’s College, Oxford. Coming into the world of gambling he regularly smoked and drank and gambled until 6 am. But she also loved cooking and gardening. These make him look like a very strange mix of an old woman and a teenage boy.

At the age of 14, he published a short story under the pseudonym Just Seventeen magazine. She later won a Daily Telegraph contest to write a column about teen life for the “Weekend” section of the same magazine. This is what he has been writing for several years. She once reviewed porn films for erotic reviews. She managed to make their works believe that most of what they were watching was horrible and that they could make better films on their own. Coren-Mitchell adapted John Diamond’s news columns into a play called A Lump in My Throat. It was served at the 2000 Edinburgh Festival at the Assembly Rooms. Coren Mitchell and Giles Coren wrote an introduction to Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks.

Personal Life

Victoria Coren Mitchell is an English writer. She was also a presenter on a TV show. However, she is also very popular as a female professional poker player. She has hosted The Observer and hosts the BBC television quiz show Only Connect since 2006. Her father, Alan Coren, and brother, Giles Coren, were both journalists. Coren Mitchell won the first female European insect tour event. As a woman, she was the first to win a television professional tournament and a television celebrity tournament. She was also the first player to win the two-player European Poker Tour Main Events. Victoria presented Radio 4 show Women Talking About Cars and presented shows at the beginning of her career.

She married actor and comedian David Mitchell in 2012. In 2015 a daughter was born to them. They named their daughter Barbara Elizabeth June Mitchell. Husband of Coren-Mitchell David says they first met in 2007 at a film premiere. Three years later they got into a serious relationship. Victoria reveals that comedian David Baddiel introduced the two of them to each other. She added that David Baddiel said, “I think you should probably marry him, I’ll get the ball rolling by introducing you'”.

Ormerod Hoax 

The number of professional female poker players in the poker world is very low, but in the UK, Victoria Coren Mitchell is one of those players. She is the first female gambler to win an event on the European Poker Tour. In 2007, after her father’s death, he published a notice in the Times. The subject of the notice was an invitation to those who knew him to attend a commemorative service. At that time, a friend warned him about the “gang of serial funeral crashers”. This group is located in the south of England. The team examines audiences to find funeral and memorial services. The team crashes events for their own enjoyment. 

Coren Mitchell gets some suspicious email replies to her notice. Then she instigated a deception to trap the group. She created a myth by creating “Sir William Ormerod” with the entry of an online encyclopedia. A week later, she placed another notice in The Times for his memorial service. The subject of this year’s notice was what would be “after the drink reception.” After the notice was published, the party duly applied for the invitation. Then she asked a friend to contact the serial fraudster and the ex-magistrate. Coren-Mitchell let the others in the gang come to his father’s service and sent them on their way after drinking.

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