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What is Online Craps?

Craps are at once one of the most iconic games and the most mysterious all at the same time. The game of craps has been shown in countless movies and appears in as many novels and stories. In land-based casinos such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you will often see more people around a craps table than any other. Most of the time there is also a lot of action and drama at craps tables, with shouts from the players as well as onlookers and dealers. From the surface, it may look very hard to learn to play. The truth is quite the opposite in fact. Online craps is a fun game and is a lot easier to learn to play than some other popular casino games.


Rules of online craps

The basic rules of craps online are quite simple and are standard in all casinos. Some casinos, however, can alter certain bet options by including or removing them. The game of craps relies on a single player who throws the dice across the craps table. This player is known as the shooter. Craps online players can take turns at being the shooter. There are a few bets which all players in a game can place money on. This is done by placing chips on printed parts of the table.

The main aim of a game of craps is to bet on what number will come up on the dice once it has been thrown. The shooter has to place a bet on the “Pass” bet or on the “Don’t Pass” bet to be able to throw the dice. These are two of the main bet options in a game of craps. The names can seem confusing and some casinos give them different names. This makes it a bit easier, especially for new players. These two bets can also be called “Win” or “Don’t Win” bets. Still, other casinos call these two bets “Right” or “Wrong” bets.

Online Craps bets

Tips on playing online

The game of online craps is quite an easy game to learn to play. Here are a few craps tips to help you learn to play craps.

  1. Find casinos that have free craps games. This is a good way to learn the different online craps bets without risking any money. Once you know the rules of craps and the different bets, you can play online for real money.
  2. The best bet to place on the Come Out Roll is a Pass Line bet.
  3. Use basic strategy such as placing a Pass Line Bet as well as two Come Bets.
  4. Practice good bankroll management when playing online. This is important in the beginning stages when you are still learning how the game of craps works.
  5. Find online casinos that offer bonuses. Some online casinos will promote their online craps games for new online players by offering a special bonus. While this is fairly rare, it could be worth your while finding these types of online casino. This is more important if you want to focus on playing craps online and not on online slots or other online casino games.
  6. Read up on the game. There is much to learn about the game of craps as the game is one of the most interesting of all casino games. Find books on how to play craps, bet strategies and other related craps information.

Top online craps software brands

Online craps in a standard online casino table game and there are a number of top online casino software brands making craps games. Among the best are Microgaming and Cryptologic. Both of these brands have released great versions of craps online. This includes standard games as well as more interesting variations of the game.


Online Craps casinoLike many of the iconic casino table games, craps has a long and interesting history. The game is thought to have originated in England and is loosely based on a popular game known as Hazard. Hazard is a dice game that many craps experts believe could be as old as the Crusades and was played by knights and common soldiers alike. The modern game of craps evolved from this original dice game. The name of the game, “craps”, is thought to have evolved from the French word for a toad or “crapaud”. This is due mainly to the habit of craps players to crouch over the game as they play it. This specifically relates to the street version of craps and not the one played in casinos.

There are two types of craps games. The street craps game is more informal and is played in alleyways or on the street. Street craps players use a wall or sidewalk as a backboard for the dice to hit against. The more formal version of craps that is played in casinos is usually called casino craps, bank craps or table craps. Craps was also played a lot by soldiers during the Second World War as a way to pass the time and alleviate boredom. This version of craps did not use a sidewalk or wall. In its place, soldiers would play on an army blanket with no backstop. Soldiers had to develop a special kind of dice throw to keep the dice on the blanket. This special way of throwing the dice is still used today and is known as the “army blanket roll”.

Street version VS formal version

The more formal version of craps took a slightly different route than the more informal street game. However, both do share the same beginning in England and Europe. A French aristocrat named Bernard de Mandeville introduced a version of craps to New Orleans gambling parlors. His craps game was, however, flawed and contained an error that many craps players learned to exploit. The game was refined by a dice maker named John Winn who added a new type of bet to the game. This bet was called the “Don’t Pass” bet and is still in the game today.

Online Craps table

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