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Online Keno

Online Keno

Online keno is one of the oldest games of chance in the world. Most onlinekeno experts agree that the game that we know today is based on an ancient Chinese game. Keno online is more popular today than ever before and there are many games worth playing. You can find great keno games in land-based casinos in places like Las Vegas and other famous gambling destinations. Keno online is even more popular and there are hundreds of keno online games. Onlinekeno is a staple at most online casinos and the keno online format is also available in a flash game as well as a mobile game.

History of keno

The origins of the game of keno can be traced back to Ancient China. There are two schools of thought regarding the exact origins of the game. Some keno experts believe that the game was started as a way for an Ancient Chinese warlord to get his people to help fund his new army. Other keno experts think that the game was started as a way to get people to fund the building of the Great Wall of China. Both stories could be true and both also contain details of exactly the same game.

Online Keno history

Keno was not called keno at this time, this name came about much later. The original Chinese lottery game used the first 80 characters from the Thousand Character Classic. These 80 numbers were arranged on a card or board. Players had to pick five numbers and had to buy a card in order to play the game. The game was known as “baak-gap-piu” or “white dove tickets” in Cantonese. This is because the winning numbers were chosen in big cities or villages. The results would be sent to all the small villages by a white dove.

The game was very popular among all Chinese people and they took the game with them to America. Chinese workers came to America to work on the railroad. The game was introduced to Americans who called the game “boc hop bu”, a rough version of the original name. As the building of the railroad progressed and moved across the land, so did the game. By the time the game had got to the east coast in the late 1800’s it had a new name. The Ancient Chinese lottery had been renamed “keno”. This was based on two possible words, both meaning “five”. The Latin word for five is “quini” and the French word for five is “quine”. It is quite easy to see how the name “online keno” can be derived from either of these words.

The game of keno quickly became the main feature of many casinos and gambling halls. This is because the game is very quick to learn and very easy to play. The rules are simple and the way to win is very clear. Some keno experts also believe that the game of keno directly inspired the first national and state lotteries. Lotteries are popular all over the world today and there are versions in almost every country around the globe. Online casinos also added the game to their offerings quite early on. The game is a natural addition to any online casino and onlinekeno is just as easy to play as the real land-based casino version.

Online Keno tips

Rules of OnlineKeno

Unlike many other casino games, the rules of keno online are very simple and easy to learn. Online keno is a game of chance and there is no real strategy involved. Some, however, do believe that there is a strategy in how one chooses the numbers in a keno online game. Others also believe that a simple betting strategy can be applied to a game of keno online.

With OnlineKeno, there are more variations of the game. This offers online keno players more variety in how many numbers they can choose to play at a time. To start a keno game in an online casino, click on the online keno tab. If you are not a member of an online casino, you will have to sign up in order to be able to play keno online for real money. Once you have signed up with an online casino and have made a real money deposit, you can play a game of KenoOnline.

Choose keno online game to start with. You will now be able to pick your numbers from the online keno sheet. Most online casinos let you choose a minimum of just one number or as many as twenty. Most keno online games are played using eighty numbers in total. The next step is to place your bet and you can decide how much this is. Most online casinos also have a minimum and a maximum bet range which can be $10 or less per bet. Now you can press the button to release the numbers for the keno online game. There are usually two options here, you can click on “Play One” or “Play Five”. This means that the numbers will be for one game only or for the next five games.


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Tips for playing onlinekeno

If you are new to the game of Casino keno, here are some keno tips to help you get a good start playing onlinekeno games.

  • Pick online casinos that offer maximum payout online keno games so that you will always win the most per onlinekeno game.
  • Find keno casinos that let you play free onlinekeno games. These free onlinekeno games will let you play without money. These games are a good way to learn to play keno and get used to keno strategy.
  • Start slowly with your first real money online keno games. Pick only a few numbers to start with and more as you get used to the games and start winning. Also find online casinos that offer good keno bonuses. This will help to boost your bankroll to play keno online.
  • To play keno, choose your online keno numbers carefully. Once your keno online numbers have been submitted you cannot change them.

Top online keno software brands

Keno online is a very popular game and almost all the top online casino software brands make great online keno games. Most top online casinos only use the best casino software brands so when you play keno online at these casinos you are already playing the best online keno games. Top keno online games are available from Microgaming, Cryptologic, IGT, Playtech and one or two others.

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