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A quick guide to online roulette

The game of online roulette is arguably the most iconic of all casino games. Many think of roulette when they think of a casino and the game has featured in countless movies and books. Today, online roulette is still one of the most popular casino games to play. The game can be as easy or as complex as you like and offers a range of bet options and strategies. Roulette online is also available in a number of different versions including live online roulette and mini online roulette. That game is also a top pick on most mobile casinos for its easy playing style and fun gameplay.

History of online roulette

Roulette online is one of the original table games and was invented in France by a man named Blaise Pascal. Pascal was an inventor and mathematician and was experimenting with a perpetual motion device. While the experiment was a failure, the wheel gave him an idea for a game. The name roulette comes from the French word for little wheel. Pascal’s idea was to divide the wheel into several sections and assign a number to each one. He divided the wheel into 36 numbers and also added alternating colors of black and red to make the different numbers easier to see. The game was a hit and soon spread all over Europe.

The object of the game was to predict which number a small ball would land on after the wheel had come to a stop. Players could bet on a specific number or group of numbers. Players could also make simple bets on which color the ball would land on. The game was played in this way for a long time until two brothers added a new feature. The new feature was the number zero and it changed how the game was played. Adding the zero gave the house or roulette casinos an edge over the player. A new casino was opened in Monaco, and the new version of roulette was the centerpiece of the casino. Thanks to the addition of the green zero, the casino made a fortune from roulette virtually overnight.

The game eventually crossed the ocean to America where once again the game was further modified. This time another zero number was added at the opposite end of the first zero. The new “double zero” once again increased the house advantage over the player. The new version of roulette was named American roulette and is still the game with the highest house edge at over five percent at roulette casinos.

Online Roulette rules

Rules of online roulette

The aim of the game in online roulette is to predict which number the ball will land on once the wheel has come to a stop. However, there are a number of bet options that can be made around this central aim. This is one of the reasons why roulette online is such a popular game to play. There are opportunities for all levels of players to make bets in the game. The game is also good for different playing budgets as some bets offer a very low risk and small bet amounts.

The game starts with players around the roulette table placing bets on the number or group of numbers that they think will win. Once all of the best have been placed the dealer will announce no more bets. The dealer in roulette online is also known as a croupier. The dealer will then spin the wheel and launch the ball against the spin of the wheel. Once the wheel has come to a stop and the ball has landed in one of the pockets, the dealer will call the number and the color out.

Online Roulette tips

There are two main types of bet that can be made in a game of roulette online:

Inside bets

The online roulette table is marked with a grid of numbers which are the same as the numbers on the wheel. This makes it much easier for players to place bets and see the different bet options that are open to them. In French and European roulette there are 36 numbers as well as the green zero for a total of 37 numbers. In American roulette there are 36 numbers plus the single zero and the double zero for a total of 38 numbers in the grid. Players can place chips on a single number to win or on a group of numbers to win. These bets can be made in different groups and patterns.

Outside bets

Outside bets are so named as they occur outside the number grid on the roulette table. These are the easiest bets to make. They include betting on either red or black to win, an odd or even number to win or first, second or third dozen. Outside bets are very popular but also pay out at the smallest odds of even money or 2 to 1.

Tips to win at online roulette

Roulette online is an easy and fun casino table game to play. If you are new to the game then here are a few roulette tips to help you get a good start to play online roulette.

  1. Always start with outside bets. These are the easiest bets to make in online roulette and are also the safest. Outside bets can be made with the table minimum amount and include betting on a color to win and odd or even numbers to win. You can also bet on one of the numbers in either the first, second or third dozen to win.
  2. Find free online roulette games to play. To be a good online roulette player you need to practice playing a lot of games. The best way to do this is to find online casinos that have free online roulette games. This means that you can play the game without betting with any of your own money. This is a safe and fun way to learn to play roulette or practice your roulette strategy.

Top online roulette software brands

As always, it is a good idea to start with the classics. This means finding the most established roulette casinos to play online roulette that also offers great roulette bonuses. This is because these games have been around the longest and are therefore the safest games to play. Some of the best online roulette games come from software brands like Playtech and Microgaming. There are also some newer brands making great online roulette games like NetEnt and Evolution Gaming.

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