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Understanding Casino Table Games: Definition and Types

Casino table games refer to a specific category of games offered at a casino, all of which are played on a table of some sort. The term “table games” differentiates these games from other types of casino games such as slots and video poker. However, not all table games are played the same way.

While some of these games involve cards, others rely on dice to determine the winners and losers. In the context of online casinos, the term “table games” or “casino table games” becomes more important since everything is presented on a small computer screen. For new players, these terms serve as a navigational tool, making it easier to locate their desired games quickly.

Whether you are interested in classic table games like blackjack and roulette or want to try your luck at craps or baccarat, understanding the different types of casino table games can help you make the most of your gaming experience.

Table Games: An Overview of Different Types

Online casinos categorize their games into several groups, and table games are one of the most popular categories. These games are played on a table and include classics like blackjack and roulette, but some online casinos offer even more unusual games like Casino war, Faro, and Spanish 21.

Newer online casinos offer a balanced mix of online slots and table games, including live casino games. These games provide a realistic casino experience from the comfort of your home. Clicking on the casino table games tab or live casino tab will reveal the online casino’s collection of these games.

The four main games that fall under the umbrella term of ‘table games’ are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and craps. These games are timeless classics that are enjoyed by players worldwide. Whether you prefer to play the odds or test your skills, there is a table game for everyone.

Table Games roulette

Roulette: A Brief History

Roulette is a classic and popular casino table game enjoyed by players worldwide. Its origins can be traced back to France in the 1700s when a French inventor, Blaise Pascal, accidentally created a new device for gambling while attempting to invent a device for perpetual motion.

The game quickly became popular in France and other parts of Europe, where players would predict which number the wheel would stop on. Over time, the game evolved with the addition of a zero number, making it slightly more advantageous for the house. When the game was introduced to America, another zero was added, increasing the house edge to over five percent.

Today, roulette is a staple at most land-based and online casinos, offering players various betting options and the excitement of watching the ball spin around the wheel before finally coming to a stop. Whether you prefer the classic European version or the American version with two zeros, roulette remains a timeless casino game.

Roulette Wheel Variations: Understanding the Differences

If you’re looking to play roulette, it’s important to understand the different variations of the game. There are three main types of roulette wheels: American, French, and European.

The American roulette wheel has 38 pockets, including a single zero and a double zero, as well as numbers 1-36. This means that the house edge for American roulette is higher than for the other two variations, at around 5.26%.

French roulette is the original version of the game and has a single zero pocket, as well as numbers 1-36. The French roulette wheel has a unique feature called “la partage”, which means that if the ball lands on zero, half of all even money bets are returned to the player. This lowers the house edge to 1.35% on even money bets, making it more favorable for players than the American version.

European roulette is similar to the French version in terms of having a single zero pocket, but it does not have the “la partage” rule. The European roulette wheel has numbers 1-36 and a house edge of 2.7% on most bets.

When playing roulette, it’s important to understand the differences between the three variations of the game and how they can affect your chances of winning. By choosing the right variation and placing your bets strategically, you can increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Playing roulette can be relatively easy, depending on the type of bets you choose to make. Outside bets, such as selecting a color to win or betting on odds or evens, are the simplest. However, if you’re looking for a bigger payout, you may want to consider inside bets, which are placed on the numbered grid of the roulette table. Keep in mind that these bets can be more complex, but the rewards can be greater if you win.

Table Games blackjack


Blackjack, the most popular card-based casino table game, offers a fast-paced gameplay with plenty of strategies. Originating in Europe and brought over to America, the objective of the game is to get a total of 21 with the cards dealt by the dealer and beat the dealer to win. However, going over a total of 21 leads to a bust and a loss.

In blackjack, the dealer deals two cards to each player, face up, and two to their own position, one face up and one face down. Based on their two-card hand and the dealer’s up card, players can choose to ‘hit’ and ask for another card, or ‘stand’ and indicate that they do not want any more cards. Players can also split a two-card hand if both cards are the same value.

With several strategies and a simple gameplay, blackjack is easy to learn and play. It is a game of chance and skill that has been enjoyed by players for generations.

Table Games baccarat

What You Need to Know About Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game similar to blackjack, originating from Europe and gaining popularity in both Asia and the West. Players bet on three different options: Player, Banker, or Tie. The objective is to guess the winning position, with the winner being determined by who reaches a two-card total of either 8 or 9. However, betting on a Tie is not recommended due to its high house edge. With only three bet options, baccarat is a fast-paced game that offers exciting gameplay and the potential for big wins.

Table Games craps

Craps: The Exciting Dice Game of Chance

Craps is a thrilling and popular casino table game that uses dice to determine the outcome of each round. This exciting game has its origins in England, and is based on an older game called Hazard. In craps, players bet on the outcome of the roll of the dice, which is performed by a player known as the shooter.

There are two popular versions of craps: street craps, which is played in an informal setting like on the street, and table or casino craps, which is the version found in land-based and online casinos. Craps is a game of chance that can be learned quickly, but also offers many betting options and strategies for more experienced players.

Exploring the Various Types of Casino Table Games

While blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and craps are among the most well-known and played casino table games, there are plenty of other options for players to explore. Each online casino typically offers its own unique selection of games, so it’s worth checking out multiple sites to find the games that appeal to you. Below is a list of some of the most popular casino table games that you’re likely to find in most online casinos.

  • Pai Gow
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Casino Hold’em
  • Sic Bo
  • Casino War
  • Faro
  • Four Card Poker
  • Spanish 21
  • Teen Patti
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Two-Up
  • Chuck-a-Luck
  • Big Six Wheel

Some of these games are relatively new, while others are classics that have been enjoyed by casino-goers for decades. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a curious beginner, there’s sure to be a casino table game that you’ll enjoy. So why not try your luck at something new and see where it takes you?


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