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Paynura In-depth Review and User Guidelines

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Paynura is an affiliate network for gaming and e-wallets. It offers digital wallet approved programs like Skrill and Neteller. Paynura Digital Wallets has more than 15 years of experience in the Skrill and Neteller and gaming industries. During its development, its focus was on providing services to the poker, betting, and online business of the Forex community. 

Paynura is designed to motivate collaborators, including generating more revenue. It tracks user performance and displays commission and payment reports. It also gives a lot of insight into the back-end program as well as other programs. Paynura, read the full article to know more about the e-wallet affiliate program. Here you will find all the information about making money starting from creating your Paynura account.

What is Paynura?

Paynura is a digital wallet of an authorized program. It is an affiliate program for e-wallets and gaming similar to Skrill and Neteller online payment method. Paynura offers exclusive benefits to its authorized companies. Through this, they attract new customers and generate higher revenue. Although Skrill Payment and Neteller Payment are the best casino payment methods, Paynura is better for VIP upgrades. 

It offers a backend system with smart analytics and reporting and a dedicated support team for quick verification time for the user. Anyone of legal age can set up an authorized account in Paynura. But for that, the user must have a network with Skrill or Neteller accounts.

Paynura provides a 3 tier affiliate option as opposed to Skrill and Neteller affiliate programs. You can add sub-authorized companies to your account through a smart software solution. You can increase your earnings through this network.


Other Information

Name Paynura
Industries Marketing and Advertising
Established 2019
Company size 1-10 employees
Type Privately Held
Specialties affiliateprogram, forex, onlinecasino, gaming, affiliatemarketing, poker, betting, and ewallet
Website https://paynura.com
Contact +386 0 704-49-038
Email social@paynura.com
Headquarters Volkmerjeva ulica 26b, Ptuj, Slovenia


How does Paynura Works?

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Paynura is an industry of marketing and advertising that Specialties in affiliate programs, forex, online casinos, gaming, affiliate marketing, poker, betting, and e-wallet. It also serves as an online casino payment. A Paynura Authorized Account user can earn per month based on his monthly performance. This service works with accounts with the Skrill and Neteller networks.

New Paynura customers will receive an instant Skrill / Neteller VIP upgrade after verifying their account. With this, you can withdraw free banks, the higher the transaction limit of the account, and Get multiple currency account benefits. You can increase conversions and save time by using Payneur’s fast-track verification channel. As an exclusive partner of Paynura, its customers receive an increased limit on verification and account transactions without the need for initial deposits during quick verification.

Paynura provides its authorized companies to generate additional revenue for the companies that can earn. Paynura provides a 3 tier approved alternative with software. You can access state-of-the-art authorized back-end by becoming a partner of Paynura. You can also get a transparent overview of your authorized performance. It’s clear and easy to use data management and a complete breakdown of earnings and earnings.


Benefits of Paynura affiliate program

Gaming authorizers can benefit substantially by partnering with Paynura-approved programs. If one is into sportsbooks, online poker, sports betting, or forex and works with clients making deposits with Skrill or Neteller, one can stay ahead of the competition with Paynura.

This program is setting some new standards for gaming-approved programs. Programs include transparent account analysis, great dashboard; Reliable payment in Skrill, Neteller, or Bitcoin wallet; Exclusive authorized to offer for e-wallets and gaming. Also, the programs support each authorized in the Authorized Manager Paynura with a designated Quick Track VIP upgrade.

Payanura gaming affiliate provides dedicated support for the online gambling and gaming community. It takes 2 minutes to set up a Paynura authorized e-wallet account. After signing in to the account, authorizers can create tracking links to their account and instantly promote Skrill or Neteller. In this case, all the accounts are displayed in the authorized account, so that the commission data is updated daily.


How to open a Paynura account?

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The Paynura account is quite easy. To do this, go to the https://paynura.com/ homepage and click on the sign-up button in the top right corner of the page. Sign up for this page with a USERNAME and EMAIL contact. Finally, choose a password for your Paynura affiliate account. 

The Paynura support team will then send you an email with a link to your account that can take anywhere from a few minutes to 12 minutes. After going through these steps, you are ready to use the Paynura-supported Skrill Affiliate Program or the Neteller Affiliate Program.

How do upgrade a Paynura account to VIP status?

Paynura offers a VIP upgrade option for its authorized client accounts. To do this, log in to your Paynura account and go to the VIP section from the menu. On this VIP page, you need to add your account ID number and click on the SEND VIP Request button. This process takes 8 to 72 hours before the upgrade is activated.

Skrill and Neteller clients who have a fully verified account will be able to upgrade the account to VIP. Accounts that are registered under another authorization or have already been upgraded cannot be upgraded. However, a one-time upgrade may be requested for some authorized client accounts.

How to retag existing accounts?

Paynura has a retag option for authorized clients. To enable this option login to the Paynura account and go to the retag section from the menu. Go to the Retag section and add your account ID number and click on the Retag button. This option allows existing Skrill or Neteller users to retag for at least six months. This rigging process takes 8 to 72 hours.

The Retag option allows you to deactivate existing Skrill and Neteller accounts for at least six months. Accounts that are registered under another authorization or already have VIP or have deposited in the last six months cannot be reactivated.

How to get paid from the Paynura affiliate program?

Paynura pays authorized companies a monthly fee based on their previous month’s user performance. It displays user performance and deposits, earnings, and commissions. This earned commission will be transferred to your Skrill or Neteller or Bitcoin account monthly.

An approved organization needs to receive its commission as soon as possible. So Paynura fixes payments between the 5th and 10th day of the previous month. This scheduled commission is transferred to any one of your favorites between Skrill or Neteller or Bitcoin account.

You may change the payment method at any time if you wish. For this, you need to login to your account and choose the method of your choice from the payment options on the menu. On this page, you can add a payment method or set up a primary account to pay the commission.

In addition to the above benefits, Payinura is another benefit of the monthly payment. It pays its users a lump sum fee based on their previous month’s performance. This gives paynura users an additional income opportunity. It can also be used as payment for online casino games.


How to invite a friend to Paynura?

You can invite your friends to pay. This gives you an extra earning option. The option to invite close ones is also called a 3 tier affiliate option. With Paynura’s sub-affiliate system, you can monetize direct users and sub-affiliates and their networks.

If you want to invite your close ones to Paynura, first go to the Marketing section of the menu on your account. Then select the tracking link, click the tracker button in the top right corner of the page. Through this Paynura will create a unique tracking link. This tracking link allows you to invite a sub-affiliate. 

How to get a promotional banner for a website?

Paynura provides a variety of promotional materials for its authorized clients. To get promotional materials, log in to your account, go to the Marketing section on the menu and go to the Creatives subpage. Here you will see the Promotional Content option by-product and you can choose the one you like.

The promotional materials that Paynura provides are Skrill promotional materials or Neteller banners, languages, ​​and dimensions. To get your account’s embedded code and tracking link, select a promotional image that matches your website and ads.


How to access traffic information?

To access your account traffic information, log in to your authorized account and go to the menu and select Report. From this page, you can choose a period for your performance report. You can also create reports for specific dates, users, sub-authorized, or tracking links. Click the Export CSV button in the top right corner of the page to export your data.


The Final Verdict

We have discussed Paynura in this discussion. It is a digital wallet service suitable for casino players. You can create a Paynura account in minutes by following the rules shown to us. If you want to get a monthly income from Paynura, go to the site’s website now and create an account. If you have trouble creating an account, contact Paynura using the contact information above.


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