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Using POLi as deposit method on casino sites

Making deposits into online gambling sites can be tricky business. While many online gamblers are perfectly fine sharing their credit card information with some gambling websites, many others prefer not to give this kind of information to anyone, let alone online casinos.

Payment processors and e-wallets can help with this as they help users remain somewhat more private in their dealings while also not having to disclose banking info directly to the casinos. Still, many gamblers have also lost trust in e-wallets or are restricted by their territory.

POLi is a slightly different method of payment, that only works for the residents of Australia and New Zealand. These particular players can use POLi to make payments directly from their local bank accounts into online gambling sites.

Keep reading and find out exactly how POLi works and what you need to know about it if you are an online casino player from Australia or New Zealand.

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How Does POLi Work?

POLi is a payment system set up for Australian and New Zealand citizens in collaboration with the local banks. If you have a banking account with any one of the Australian or New Zealand banks, you will be able to use POLi to make your deposits and withdrawals.

Australian and New Zealand players can sometimes have quite a bit of difficulty actually getting their money into online casino wallets because some online payment processors don’t work for Australian players and some casinos don’t really accept the processors that do work for the Aussies and Kiwis.

This is why POLi was set up and introduced at so many online gambling establishments as it is a unique and universal way for any player from the region to get their money into the online gambling world. Using POLi is simple enough as all you need to have is a bank account and an account with the casino you want to use.

Once you have are ready to use POLi, you will need to enter the info one of your banking accounts into the POLi processor. From here, you will be making deposits straight from your bank into the online casinos, using POLi as a middle party of sorts. This provides you with an extra security layer as well as a safe and sure way of getting your AUD and NZD into your gambling accounts.

The awesome thing about POLi is that you don’t even need to register an account with them. Simply pick POLi as a payment method in the casino cashier and you will be prompted to enter your bank info into POLi popups. Once this is all done, you transaction will be made, free of any charges and straight into the casino.

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Shoud I Use POLi?

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, using POLi is a fantastic way of avoiding providing your banking information to various casinos and other gambling sites online. On the other hand, your transactions will be instant and they will be free, so there is nothing to really lose by using POLi.

Thousands of Australian and New Zealand casino players are already using POLi and you can join them today without any registrasion, hidden fees or delays.

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