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Slots Bonuses

A guide to Slots Bonuses

Playing slots online is super easy and a lot of fun. In fact, online slots are more popular than any other type of online casino game. The reason for this is simple, slots are quick to start with and you do not need to learn any complicated rules first. Unlike some table games, you also do not need to worry about any complicated game strategies. Anyone can play slots and, if you are new, you can get great slots bonuses too.

Types of slots bonuses

Most online casinos offer great slots bonuses to both new players and existing ones. There are all sorts of bonuses to choose from. Some of these are free slots offers which can apply to all casino slots. Others are more special and include video and classic slots.

One of the most common bonuses that you will find at the most casino is free spins bonuses. Free spins can apply to all slots within a casino or can be for select games only. Some online casinos will offer free slots as part of their sign-up bonus. Most online casinos also reward free spins to their existing players as part of their rewards programs. This can include loyalty rewards or VIP rewards.

Slots Bonuses slotsOnline casinos will also send you promos via email which often includes free spins offers on selected slots. Free spins can also be issued as video or classic slots bonuses. This depends on what the casino is promoting. Other top slots bonuses can include free play bonuses. These are also sometimes called free slots bonuses. These allow you free access to select slots games for a certain period of time. Some online casinos will offer these bonuses in the form of coins or credits to play their slots. These are similar to free spins but are issued as credits in place of spins. These can also be issued as video or classic slots bonuses. Again, this depends on the online casino and what they are promoting. Some casinos will also issue these bonuses as special promos. These are often aimed at existing players and can be weekly or daily promos.

How does it work?

The vast majority of slots bonuses are issued as free spins. These are issued at the casino’s discretion and can be for select games or all slots. In most cases, free spins are issued to new players for select slots. This is a way for the casino to promote certain slots games or brands. Most video slots bonuses are issued in this way.

The free spins are allocated to your account and, depending on the amount, can be issued all at once or in groups. Some online casinos offer quite a lot of free spins and will issue a certain amount per day. These usually need to be used within a specific time frame or they will expire. Once you have used your free spins, more are allocated. When all of your free spins have been used, you will automatically switch over to normal spins.

Free play bonuses are usually part of a promo or special offer. You may find classic slots bonuses fall under this sort of offer. Again, these are designed to promote certain games. Of course, video these can also be issued as free play. In free play slots bonuses, you get to play select slots for free. You do not need to deposit any money to do this. The catch is that you only have a limited time to play the slots. These times depend on the casino but they are usually quite short. In most cases, you get to keep what you win and most casinos issue this as a bonus in your account.

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