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Kindred Group has been hosting the Sustainable Gambling Conference since 2016. It was organized to discuss how to work together to secure a sustainable gambling industry. Also, the conference brings together top academics, researchers, gambling operators, regulators, and medical firms under one roof. As one of the largest operators in the world, Kindred provides customers with a safe and fair gambling environment. 

The Kindred Group is building a long-term sustainable relationship with customers. The group also strives to promote responsible gambling and to help those who develop gambling problems. Their services are innovative solutions for gambling detection and prevention and relevant partners from all walks of life to help newcomers. 

The Sustainable Gambling Conference was held on October 21, 2020, as an online event due to the epidemic of COVID-19. Each year the event invites executive guests from healthcare, marketing, technology, sports, and industry competitors to discuss.

Conference Overview

On October 21, 2020, Kindred Group hosted its fifth annual Sustainable Gambling Conference as an online digital event. The conference aimed to highlight how the online gambling industry can take advantage of technological advances to build a more sustainable industry.

The CEO of Kindred Group commented that it should draw all stakeholders involved in their sector in the same direction. He added that they need to make sure they are working towards a common goal. Kindred Group has been hosting the Sustainable Gambling Conference since 2016. Their conference aimed to discuss how the sectors can work together to ensure long-term sustainability.

More than 690 people worldwide have signed up this year to see presentations, discussions, questions and answers, and breakouts at this event. The conference said they have been able to come up with innovation by bringing together experts and industry partners. The aim is to focus on using new technologies and innovations to develop a more sustainable and responsible gambling market.

This year’s conference doesn’t create theme-related relevance. It initiates the conversation and opens the door for future collaborative solutions. Kindred Group’s website states that it is committed to promoting responsible gambling to deliver a safe and fair gamble to its customers. Also, it offers a “commitment” to do everything possible to help and support those who develop gambling problems.

Speakers of the Conference

Sustainable Gambling Conference-2020 was divided into two parts. The first part of the day featured panel discussions and keynote speakers. But, the second part was divided into twelve breakout sessions.

The theme of panel 1 of the conference was AI for Good. How can the industry take advantage of future technologies to ensure sustainable costs? Göran Lindsjö, a global expert and advisor to AI, expressed his views during the panel. He discusses how AI can be used as a tool for more sustainable gambling industry. The critical point is that the problem is using AI to intervene in gambling. But that doesn’t beat human interaction.

Chris Eade from Zafty Intelligence took the virtual stage in the morning. He discusses how can use AI to maintain gambling control. He also showed off Zafty’s new app. Kindred Group supports this application. The application will help understand the patterns of problem gambling behavior using AI and reduce problematic situations. Also, it will have some optional tools for players: timers, daily limits, etc. These will help keep them under control.

At conference panel 2- Regulators from France, Malta, and Sweden shared their views and challenges from the regulators’ perspectives. They were unanimous with the use of data and the possibility of AI. Also, they admit that they do not currently have the right skills or data to gamble and maximize AI capabilities.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, president at the L’Autorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), France, said licensed operators should have an advantage. He added that operators who play by the rules should not be punished. All participants agreed that operators are the way forward to educate them about gambling. Although operators already use AI in most cases, it needs to be further disclosed and insights shared within the industry. Collaboration between industry partners should continue, and everyone should move towards the same goal to get the best effect.

Kindred’s Journey towards zero

Kindred provides customers with a safe and entertaining gambling experience. Its ambition is that by 2023, and it will earn zero percent of the revenue from this platform from harmful gambling. To facilitate a fair, transparent, and honest discussion, they decide to report part of their earnings from high-risk customers. The group also plans to share essential milestones in their Journey to zero in 2023. Their goal is to contribute to a truth-based debate about a sustainable gambling industry and protect victims.

Kindred’s Business model and strategy

Kindred’s strategic direction and business rely on a defined purpose to transform gambling and ensure sustainable growth across the market. This is achieved through three strategic pillars. Based on these, the company is based on business. Many are know this as ‘always the best deals and products, ‘operating licenses’, and’ ability to achieve results. Each column is divided into eleven focus zones and allows conducting scalable, successful, and sustainable business.

Sustainability work focuses on

  • Make gambling 100% enjoyable
  • Always be honest and free in everything you do to earn the trust of customers, regulators, and society.
  • The operation always ensures that the highest professional, compliance and ethical standards continue to be met.
  • The employee is becoming one of the top organizations in world engagement.
  • Equipping communities by working with knowledge and resources for a better future

What’s next?

Kindred Group is working to enable a safer and more secure environment for its customers. Also, Kindred supports new research, technology, sponsorships, and other initiatives to build a long-term sustainable gambling industry. Kindred 2020 has established technology as the main theme of the Sustainable Gambling Conference. But if you miss out on this year’s Sustainable Gambling Conference, you’ll find videos of the whole day on their website. The next sustainable gambling conference will be held in 2021.

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