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Debunked Myths About Online Casinos

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As things start to move online, people have become increasingly sceptical of the online world, and with gambling always holding certain stigmas, it’s no surprise that there is a range of assumptions or myths that circle the industry. What most don’t know is that most of those myths about online casinos can be easily debunked. 

Online gambling is a highly lucrative endeavour for anyone to participate in. With anything that comes with a reward, there is a risk. Still, contrary to popular belief, online gambling, or even gambling in general, poses no greater risk than most other forms of entertainment that result in monetary reward. 

In this article, we will look at why gambling gains a bad name, the myths surrounding online gambling, and the truth behind them.

Why Gambling Got A Bad Name

Gambling fast and furiously picked up a bad reputation, and the initial reason for it comes down to lack of understanding. From the intricate working of the game outcomes to the activities that came along with the gambling scene quickly built a bad name.

With time gambling was able to persevere despite the stigmas that followed. The underground world also fed the reputation, giving money launderers and other scammers and to come out with clean cash. 

Like most industries, with time comes higher security and support, minimizing the mishap that takes place. As the demand for online gambling increased, corporations were established to implement laws and regulations. The most important one to pay attention to is the gambling act drawn up in 2005.

Online Gaming Myths That Can Be Easily Debunked

Myths About Online Casino

From players claiming casinos try to steal their money to the accusation that gambling guarantees addiction, it’s time to set the record straight and pay attention to the facts! Online gambling is a form of entertainment, and although the chances are you will lose from time to time, your chance of returns is just as likely. 

Most of the time, to better your outcome, all you need to do is tweak your approach to play. Freshening up your knowledge of the game and trying something new, you never know. You could be the next big winner. 



Online casinos games are rigged Online casinos are subject to the regulation of gambling bodies. From implementing the Gambling Act to the offer of licensing, online casinos have gone the distance to ensure provably fair results and secure experience. 

Online casino audits are extensive, and from the workings of the casino to the outcome of the games, every inch is inspected to ensure the player receives fair treatment.

Besides the licensing and regulations, software providers have stepped up their game and ensure all the latest games make use of the most advanced technology to allow for provably fair outcomes. 

To help you pick your platform, there are companies such as eCogra, which supplies testing and certification to casinos.

Payouts are problems at online casinos. There are strict guidelines in the online gambling industry, and any respectable casino will acknowledge the importance of banking and the necessity of fast and efficient payout rates. 

Recently, the industry progressed even further, introducing cryptocurrency into the picture, which not only speeded up the payout time but almost eliminated the transaction fees.  

By reading up on another online casino review about other players’ experiences, you will quickly learn which casinos pride themselves on players’ satisfaction and which are unsuccessful.

Online gamblers are prone to addiction. According to studies done in 2011 by the highly respected Harvard Medical School’s Division on Addiction, online gambling is no more addictive than other forms of entertainment. 

Fascinatingly, online gamblers only hold an average rate of 5% of unusual gambling activities. This means that 95% of players experience no addiction traits to online play. 

Online casino bonuses are impossible to claim One of the biggest issues in the online gambling industry is bonuses. Although all the bonuses appear tempting, if players take a closer look at the terms of service, it quickly becomes apparent that the ones to gain if the casino.

With more and more attention put on the topic, more and more casinos have started to offer more fair and rewarding offers. 

The play-through rate, the wagering requirement, and the withdrawal limit are the aspects to look out for. 

Try It Out First Hand! 

The best way to feel the benefits is to head over to one of the most enticing casinos and get started. There are multiple games and bonuses to help spice up the adventure, and when you find your fit, you could land yourself on the right track to a big win. New Casino Guru holds all you need when it comes to the best way to win.


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