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What Is RTP?

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When gambling online these days, there are a plethora of choices surrounding the types of games you can play. Despite the various games available at online casinos, gamblers still gravitate mostly toward playing video slots because of the ease, excitement, variety of themes, big wins, and free spins. Online casinos offer everything from classic slots with cult status like Dead or Alive to newer and exciting slots like Gold Money Frog. Playing slots is simple and so appeals to everyone; however, while they are easy to play, there are a few aspects like Return To Player to consider when choosing the correct slots to play online. Taking note of the RTP percentage of a slot will help a lot to minimize losses and ensure that you are satisfied with your gameplay. Below we will answer the question “What Is RTP?” and look at how it affects your game.

RTP Explained For Online Gamblers

RTP stands for Return to Player. Quite simply, it is the amount of money that a slot game returns to all players over several spins. If an RTP % of a game is 95%, then technically, 95% should be returned to the player for any amount of money played. For example, if $100 is wagered, then $95 should be replaced. While this seems quite simple, it is, in fact, a little more complicated.

These percentages are calculated over millions of spins played by thousands of players and take things like pay lines and bonus feature activations into account. When looking at the percentage of a slot game, if it says the RTP is 95%, that does not mean that every player will receive exactly 95% of their money back while playing. The % is an average paid out to all players over millions of spins. While the % may be high in a slot game, it is not guaranteed to each individual, and therefore, when playing a slot, your Return To Playe might be 0% when other times it might be 300%. Understanding the concept of Return To Playe is essential so that you are not disappointed when losing on a high RTP game.

The Highs And Lows Of Choosing Different RTP Slots

What Is RTP

To start, a high RTP value is a slot with an RTP of 95% or more, and a low RTP slot is obviously anything under 95%. Now that you know an RTP is merely a guideline rather than a given, you might be asking why it is essential if it’s not guaranteed. RTPs are beneficial when it comes to the way in which you want to play. While it is true that you will win and lose on both high and low RTP slots, your chance of return on your money on high RTP slots is better. This then essentially minimizes your losses overall, meaning that you might have more opportunities to play longer and have more chance of winning and hitting bonus features. One last important factor of playing high RTP slots to mention is the advantage it gives to gamblers when trying to wager the bonus money. Wagering requirements can often be relatively high, and so using a high RTP game makes sense for meeting those wagering requirements faster than low RTP games.

You might also ask, if high RTP slots on average payback more than low RTP slots, why do people play low RTP slots at all? This boils down to gambler preference and has its own perks for those looking for something other than just getting a return on money spent. Some online casinos enjoy the chance and entertainment factor of low RTPs and the big wins and jackpots associated with them. Video slots with low RTP values often have huge jackpots, and their bonus features allow for really big wins. Players choosing low RTP slots will, on average, lose more but stand more chance of winning big and winning jackpots!

Myths And Facts About Online Casinos And RTPs

With the advent of online casino slots and their payouts given to players, there are some myths that have circulated around the fairness of RTP values. Here are some of those myths and also truths regarding online RTP slot values.

Online Casinos Can Rig The Slot Games 

This is a myth. All online slot games are developed by game developing companies like NetEnt and BTG and not by the casino. The casino purchases the rights to use slots on their website but has no control over the outcomes. The games use what is known as random number generators, which makes the game utterly random without outside interference. In a nutshell, all slots are random and not controlled.

All Slots Payout The Same

This is a myth. All video slots comes with their own unique value. Every game has different pay lines, bonus features, and different betting values allowed. These various factors mean that each game will payout differently.

Online Casinos Hide High RTP Slots From Players

This is a myth. There is no beneficial reason for an online casino to hide Return To Player values from its players. In fact, displaying the Return To Player values of their games draws more customers as players then know what their chances are. Committees in their jurisdiction also regulate online casinos. If a player finds an online casino is hiding Return To Player values for any slots, they can report them to the relevant authoritative bodies.

Where To Find The Best High-Value Slots Online

Now that you have all the info you need in order to choose your gameplay style, here is where you can find the best online casinos offering the best free spins and bonus deals with the best online slots. Check out these excellent online casino sites; Dunder Casino, Gate777 Casino, BetZest Casino, Bao Casino, Emu Casino.

Play responsibly but most importantly, have fun! 


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