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Online Gambling For Beginners: What Comes First?

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What comes to mind when you think of online gambling? For us, the first thing that comes to mind is the long list of game options and excellent promotions, such as free spins and no deposit bonuses. When you first start out in the gambling scene, nerves may get the better of you. With endless options and excessive offers, it’s hard to keep your head in the game, or better yet, even know where to even begin. 

To keep you well on your way to success, the New Casino guru team has put together the ultimate beginner’s guide to online gambling. Many believe that your first step to a rewarding gambling experience is to find the perfect online casino, but in actual fact, what good is a high-quality casino is you have no idea how to play the games? 

Where To Start When Online Gambling 

Online Gambling For Beginners

There is no point in going out there and trying to master every game in one go. It’s okay to start out slow! If you are new to online gambling, a good place to start is a game that provides exceptional entertainment through themes and features while still having straightforward game functionality. If you are a seasoned online gambler looking to branch out, we would suggest a game filled with skill and thrill. 

There are many games to choose from, and no matter what you are after, you are certain to find your fit, simply with a bit of research. Lucky enough for you, we have what you need. Keep reading this article about online gambling for beginners, and you will find a breakdown of the best games for beginners to experts.

What Elements Make A Good Game?

The online casino and game selection go hand in hand; without the one, the other would be nothing. Everyone always talks about what makes an excellent online casino, but no one ever touches on the elements that make a good game. 

Before we go any further in this guide on online gambling for beginners, let’s look at a few pointers that will help you identify a golden game. 

Theme execution

Online gambling games have the potential to give players the chance to step inside their wildest dream, filled with immaculate imagery and a fun-filled design. Without excellent execution of the theme, players will be left disappointed and frustrated. The foundation to a successful online gambling session is finding a game that can pull off the desired theme without a glitch. 

Features on offer

A game, especially slots, is only complete with the bonuses of some specialized offers. For example, when it comes to slots, landing a certain amount of the same symbol will often activate a feature such as free spins. The bigger and better the features are, the more inviting the game is for online gamblers. 

Return To Player rate (RTP) // House edge

The return to player rate and house edge go hand in hand, and in fact, are two faces of the same coin. The RTP is the winning chance the player holds, while the house edge is the winning chance of the casino or more commonly known as the house. 

Game functionality

How well does the game perform? Being able to rely on a game goes a long way, and any game prone to glitches is not worth any online gambler’s time. Making sure a game is glitch-free is highly important for the outcome of your play. 

What Is The Best Game For me?

Online Gambling For Beginners

Knowing what game is best for you isn’t as tricky as it sounds, and the best fit can come down to simply your experience in the industry. As promised, below is a breakdown of the best games for everyone from beginner to intermediate, taking into consideration the points listed above. 


A novice is best described as an online gambler that is entirely new to the game, this would be someone that has not only never played online, but they have never participated in any gambling activities in general. 

For this stage of the process, the best game would be slots. This is because of their attention-grabbing themes and exciting features while still presenting an easy-to-use interface. Slots are all about luck, and in today’s online gambling industry, most slots can be played as demo beforehand, giving novice players the perfect environment to learn. 

Advanced Beginner

Advanced beginner is the second step of the journey. Now that the player has gained slight understanding and has a small number of gambling hours under their belt. Online casinos cater to all players, and if you are still in the beginning stages, there is no need to worry; there is the perfect game for you.

Slots would still be the perfect fit for this stage, but if you have gained some confidence and are already ready to try something new, give some specialty games a go, titles such as Crash, Mines, or other easy to control games.


Now that you are competent, you are able to spread your wings slightly and venture into slightly more high-stakes games. Experience and understanding within the online casino scene will give you insight into what kind of game you are after. 

A competent user would be best fitted to table games, which often include blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em, and a few others. These games require slightly more skill and understanding than a game such as slots, and it allows players to explore their gambling desires more. 


Now that you are proficient in online gambling, the world is your oyster, and you should have the ability to take part in any game that comes your way. From table games to slots and everything in between, the gambling industry is loaded with options. 

Take your play up a level and enter into the option of live casino games. This means that you can play virtually with the bonus of a live dealer. This is relatively new to the industry, and it’s the ideal option for players looking to take the next step in their play. 


Now you at the top of the ranks, and you have the potential of a professional. This stage of the game calls for a new level of thrill. By the time you are an expert, you are probably itching for a slightly more thrill and rewarding experience. And we have just what you need. 

Find an online casino that offers high-class tournaments that allow expert players to show off their skills and broaden their gambling horizons. The perfect first tournament would be a high stake poker challenge. 


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