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What are progressive slots?

A progressive slot is a type of slot machine where the value of the jackpot increases for each spin played on the progressive slot machine.

Many of the current online casinos feature progressive jackpots on slot machines and video poker machines. If you are looking for a life-changing win, even though you got a very small chance to win, then play progressive Slots. If you are new to gambling, keep reading this article.

Progressive Slots Overview

The progressive slot is a game whose jackpot increases every time you play. It goes to the jackpot with a small percentage of each qualifying bet. Gamblers can win the jackpot by navigating a special bonus game on the slot.

A progressive slot is a machine where the jackpot rises after placing coins and spinning wheels. Most slot machines have a fixed amount of jackpot. However, in the case of progressive slots, the amount of this jackpot increases with each spin.

Types of progressive slot 

Most of the casinos offer three types of progressive slot machine games. These slots come with a variety of jackpots based on its features. The slots are discussed below:

1. Standalone Progressives slot

The game has a jackpot ticker on such progressive slot machines. This ticker only feeds the bat jackpot kept on certain machines. It was once known as the only progressive slot machine game. It is still readily available at casinos around the world. The jackpot for these slot games is usually below $10,000.

2. Local Progressives slot

This is the next step in the evolution of progressive slots that are still available at casinos. These slots have jackpot features that are specifically linked casinos. These links may include dozens or hundreds of machines. This number depends entirely on the casino. Jackpots available in these slots are under $ 1,000,000. Many times these are even below $ 100,000.

3. Wide Area Network Progressives slot

This slot is currently the most popular game in the casino market. A wide-area links to these progressive slot machines from multiple casinos in the same state. Its jackpot is often $ 1 million and sometimes more than 10 million. The most well-known brand in this slot is the Megabucks games from IGT. These are the most successful slot machine design companies in the world.

Popular Progressive slot with software providers

There are many progressive slots available in casinos nowadays. Here we have discussed some of the popular progressive slots including software developers. Let’s find out about the slots!


Megabucks is one of the most popular games available on progressive slot machines. Its winnings vary from 10 million to a few million. Like lottery games, this game has been paid annually for more than 25 years. The Megabucks progressive slot is developed by International Game Technology (IGT).

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a popular brand of progressive slot machines available in multiple numbers. One of the most common versions is the quarterback. It is also developed by International Game Technology (IGT). It has a $200,000 jackpot at the start that has reached close to 2 million in the past.


Elvis slot by IGT provider is a progressive slot machine network that starts with a $100,000 jackpot. The slot for the spin is 25 cents. But to be eligible for the jackpot you have to make the maximum bet which is 3 coins or 75 cents. You will not be eligible for the top prize if you play without placing the maximum bet on the slot.

Mega Moolah

It is the only online progressive jackpot available at internet casinos. It is powered by Microgaming software. The slot features multiple game brand names and separates the jackpot and betting limits. The largest jackpots in this progressive slot often reach 1 million or more.


Progressive Slot Rules

Many new gamblers are unaware of the rules of progressive slot games. We have discussed a few rules of this slot here. If you are playing this slot for the first time, learn about the rules.

1. Select the maximum currency value 
To play the slot you must select the maximum currency value given in the game. Spin the machine when the currency value is selected.

2. Set reel-spinning 
After betting set the reel spinning and click the spin button. Gamblers will receive a payout if the winning combination of relay symbols appears at the end of the spin.

3. Unlock bonus games 
To win the progressive slot jackpot you have to spin the winning combination of symbols. In this case, you need to unlock a bonus game which will increase the chances of the players winning.

4. Choose the correct progressive jackpot symbol 
Three big million game logo icons landed on the slot alongside the third line. Through this, the players can win the progressive jackpot. To win big prizes, you need to choose three correct progressive jackpot symbols.

Progressive Slots Tips

You have to be lucky to win in online casino slots. There are no tips or tricks to win here. However, we will share here a few tips that can increase your chances of winning at least a little. Let’s get to know the tips!

Tips-1: The more bets you place on this slot, the more “tickets” you will earn. If any of the tickets match the algorithm after the spin, you win the big jackpot.

Tips-2: No need to hit the symbols to play special bonus games. But you must place the highest possible bet to qualify.

Tips-3: Casinos are global and allow you to play with multiple currencies. So, when looking at the number of bets and jackpots you need to know about the type of currency.

Tips-4: The more you spin the slot, the more damage you are likely to lose. So try to spin the reels slowly while playing.

The Final Verdict

The more accessible a progressive slot is the greater the chances of larger jackpots. These slots are available at almost every online casino. Slots are usually under the “Jackpots” tab or page of online casinos. Most popular software developers in the world are developing and operate progressive slots.

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