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The Best Online Gambling World Records

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Do you find yourself ever pondering over the usual but also unusual events and winnings that take place in the online gambling scene? Well, we do too. Understandably, the most written about winnings and events are for land-based casinos, but what about the world record holders in online gambling? If you are interested in both the normal and unfamiliar facts, especially those linked to online casinos and gambling, then here you will find some info about things like the biggest slot jackpot payouts, the largest online poker tournament, the biggest online gambling losses suffered by a country and even the largest online bingo game ever played. These topics are fun and interesting facts to know about the online gambling world, especially if you spend a fair amount of time doing it yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the online gambling world records!

World Record Holders In Online Gambling

World Record Online Gambling Payouts

Online Gambling World Records - Payouts

Of course, we all want to know about the biggest wins at online casinos, including the world records, so while this isn’t the most unusual topic, it is worth mentioning and might just be something new that you didn’t know about. One of the biggest online slot jackpot wins was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015 when UK player Jon Heywood hit the mother-load on Microgaming’s Mega Moolah. Betway Casino paid out a whopping €17,879,645 to an ecstatic Heywood who bet just 25p and hit the jackpot in just 25 minutes of gameplay. While impressive, this record was recently broken by an anonymous player at Napoleon Sports & Casino. Playing a stake of just €15, this player hit the jackpot in the slot game Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah and was paid out a massive €19.4 million. These extraordinary jackpot wins come from the same game provider, making Microgaming a world record-setter for the highest online slot jackpot paid. Moving away from slots, the world record holder for an online gambling payout goes to a cleaner from Berlin who in 2018 managed to sweep up a life-altering €90,000,000 from LottoLand LTD by placing a bet on the outcome of a lottery. Try your luck at slots with the incredible online casinos; 7Bit Casino, BetZest Casino, Bao Casino, and 7Signs Casino.


Online Gambling World Records - Bingo

Now it’s time for some of the more unusual records in the online gambling scene. Starting with Bingo, in 2010, a world record was broken in Tokyo when Coca-Cola Japan organized a single online Bingo game which saw an astonishing 493,824 players participate. This makes it the largest ever online game of its type even to this day. Staying with Bingo, the record for the quickest win went to Darryl Howe, who set up his first-ever online gambling profile and hit the jackpot winning £18,000 in just under 40 minutes.


Online Gambling World Records - Poker

Moving on to online Poker, the Guinness World Record holder for the largest-ever online poker tournament was held by PokerStars in 2015 and had an incredible 253,692 participants. After 470 hands played, the eventual winner of the PokerStars tournament was an Austrian player that took home $10,000. While $10,000 in such a large event might seem like a decent win, the record for the largest prize pool ever won for an online poker tournament was $27,559,550 and was taken home by a Canadian player after competing (online) in the World Series of Poker. Another fun, noteworthy record in Poker to mention was not necessarily achieved online, but the event was organized by renowned online casino Paddy Power. In 2006 Paddy Power set the world record for the most participants at a strip poker tournament. The event took place in London with 196 players and was most certainly a sight to behold. Want to try your luck at online poker? Check out the best online casinos here; Maximal Wins Casino and PlayLuck Casino.

Country With The Biggest Losses In Gambling

Online Gambling World Records - Loses

Ever wonder which country has the highest gambling losses per person? The current world record holder for the biggest losses per head in a country goes to Australia. The study was conducted in 2017 and showed that the average Aussie, aged 17 and older, lost $1,502. These stats included both land-based gambling and online gambling. A close second went to Singapore who saw their citizens losing an average of $674 per head. While people all over the globe like to try their luck at online gambling, it is a fact that the Aussies are some of the more unlucky gamblers suffering the biggest losses per person in a country.

Could You Be The Next World Record Holder?

While these facts aren’t necessarily going to teach you much about online gambling, they are quite fascinating and amusing to know about the gambling world. It’s pretty amazing to know that the amount of money that people have won is real and that it can literally happen to anyone. It’s also cool to know that almost anyone can set a gambling world record because it is not only centered on winning money. If you think you have the creativity and luck, then why not try your luck today at online and mobile casinos and see if you could be the next Guinness World Record setter!


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