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Growth In The World Of Online Gambling In Recent Years

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Online gambling is a massive spectacle in the world of online entertainment, with a growing number of converted fans daily. No matter where you stand on the topic, there is no denying that the online gambling market is enormous and holds a tremendous amount of wealth and revenue.

The online gambling scene comprises all revenue made by gaming activities held online using a desktop or mobile device. The market is made up of gambling platforms that include sports betting, casino, bingo, lotteries, and poker games, among others.

The world wide web is a prominent place, filled with a wide range of betting options and depending on where in the world you live. There are specific laws and regulations to adhere to. Online gambling in the US is one of the most complicated online adventures, thanks to the various laws upheld in each state. 

The point is that online gambling sure has experienced its challenges, but without fail, has managed to rise above it, creating a substantial online industry that is worth an estimated US$ 66.7 Billion. 

Safety And Security 

No matter where the site operates or the primary target market, no gambling platform should operate outside the law. With the industry’s constantly increasing and evolving technologies, gaming authorities worldwide have stepped up their game and started implementing more extensive and player-focused regulations. 

Practicing ethically and safely has quickly become more of a norm, helping the industry gain a reputable identity. The casinos that have managed to tick all the boxes of the strict code and conduct of online gambling have managed to soar to the top, bringing online players a trusted environment to play with confidence.

Although all countries hold different laws, which adds to the challenge of potential growth within the market, the industry has managed to put steps in place to ensure that all gamblers out there will have access to a secure online gambling experience, thanks to the various gaming authorities which help monitor online gambling worldwide. 

New Trends To Take Note Of In Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Trends occur in every industry, but when it comes to anything that revolves around technology, the trends change that much quicker, thanks to the constant advancements. Technologies such as blockchain, Virtual Reality (VR), and IoT have brought the industry leaps and bounds from where it was just a short five years ago. 

One of the biggest incorporations to the gambling scene is blockchain technologies, allowing players to involve the new craze of cryptocurrency into their play. IoT or the internet of things has been another great addition to the evolution, integrating perfectly with AI and blockchain technologies.

On that note, another fascinating trend to grace the market is the use of Virtual Reality (VR). VR sets have gained massive popularity in the gambling market, adding a new dimension to the experience. With virtual reality adventures, gamblers can step inside the online casino world, creating a whole new level of thrill to the occasion. 

Taking Your Play Mobile

Another aspect to see growth in recent years is the use of mobile devices. With the pace of the world picking up constantly, players are always on the go. The best way to cater to this demand is to ensure that all games and online casinos focus on providing a mobile experience that is just as quick and rewarding as the desktop version.

With mobile play now an option, online casinos now have more chances of gaining exposure and increasing growth potential. Currently, the statistics show that 80% of online gamblers use mobile devices to play. A study conducted by Rub90 portal states that between 2012 and 2018, gamblers preferring mobile devices grew by a staggering 117%.

With statistics like this, it’s no surprise that the projected growth for internet users is expected to go from 3.9 billion in 2018 to 5.3 in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6%. Smartphone demand will also grow by a CAGR of 7%.

The Opportunities Are Endless With Online Gambling

With the combination of growth in demand and advancements in technology, the online entertainment world is destined to see great things. As the internet advances, players are exposed to bigger and better ways of winning. The online casino scene is paving the way to many exceptional experiences, and if you want to join in, now is your chance. Take part in everything from the classic offer of slots to the advanced experience of VR. No matter what you go with, you cannot go wrong! Check out the top casino on New Casino Gurus home page to make sure you start on the front foot! 

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